A Rally to Protest the LA City Council Boycott of Arizona

On Tuesday morning, May 25th, at 8:45am on the south lawn of the LA City Hall, there will be a rally to protest the foolish action of the Los Angeles City Council to boycott a neighboring state, Arizona.

The LA City Council members, pandering to their Latino voters, decided to oppose the anti-illegal immigration law passed by the good people of the State of Arizona by cutting off any purchases of goods or services from Arizona. One city councilman, Paul Koretz likened the law — and other Arizona laws such as one that curbs high school ethnic studies programs — to the beginnings of Nazi Germany when Jews were singled out for persecution.

“We can’t let this advance any further,” said Koretz, who said he lost relatives in the Holocaust. “It is absolutely dangerous.”

Paul Koretz is a blithering fool to use that kind of hyperbole relating to what is going on in Arizona, particularly when he himself lost relatives in the Holocaust. The quality of leadership in our current City Council, with a few exceptions, is deplorable.

Join us on Tuesday, May 25th at 8:45am on the South Lawn of the Los Angeles City Hall and listen to Los Angeles Community Leaders give their comments on the foolishness of the LA City Council’s actions in this boycott.

In the following photo, the red “X” is where we will meet. The blue “P” is the location of the nearest parking structure.