Keep your hands above your hips!

Do yourself a favor, read Mark Steyn’s article in the Chicago Sun Times: “Bolton’s just too hip for scaredy-cat Dem’s”

I can understand why Barbara Boxer thinks Bolton needs “anger-management lessons.”


Boxer’s "rare" opposition

Boxer’s "rare" opposition

Barbara Boxer, liberal Democratic Senator from California, claims her opposition to John Bolton, President Bush’s nominee for the post of Ambassador to the United Nations, is rare.

Let’s see, in addition to opposing the Bolton appointment to the UN, she has opposed the appointment of Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State, John Bolton as Under-Secretary of State, John Ashcroft for Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez for Attorney General, Theodore Olson for Solicitor General, Gale Norton for Secretary of the Interior and Michael Leavitt for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Were there any of President Bush’s significant appointments that she supported?

Rare, indeed.