Limited Government and the Tenth Amendment

The 10th Amendment to the Constitution, consisting of just 28 words, reads:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This is one of the most important amendments to the Constitution. Our Founders were concerned that a Federal Government that did not have limitations would become too powerful, which would lead to an oppressive national goverment and weaken the rights of the States and the people. That is exactly what has happened.

The 10th Amendment, called the Enumerated Powers Amendment, states that only those powers specifically delegated to the Federal Government in the Constitution are the powers it has, and all others are reserved either to the States or to the people.

For 70 years the Federal Government has expanded its powers far beyond those enumerated in the Constitution. One example: The Department of Education. The Federal Government has no Constitutional authority for regulating education. Not only is it not a power enumerated in the Constitution, but education is clearly an area best administered by the States, or the people (parents).

There are many such examples of the unconstitutional overreach of the Federal Government.

H.R. 450, introduced by Republican John Shadegg (R. AZ) and 15 others requires any Act of Congress to contain an explanation of which enumerated power in the Constitution gives the authority for that act. Excerpt:

‘Each Act of Congress shall contain a concise and definite statement of the constitutional authority relied upon for the enactment of each portion of that Act. The failure to comply with this section shall give rise to a point of order in either House of Congress. The availability of this point of order does not affect any other available relief.’

Write to all members of the House of Representatives, especially your own, and urge them to vote for H.R. 450. It is a major deterrent to the unprecedented expansion of the Federal Government.

Urge Congressmen to vote YES on H.R. 450.