The Intellectual Challenge of Republican Ideas by the Democratic Underground

The wonderful experience of reading the Democratic Underground discussion groups is the level of intellectual socratic discourse one encounters while hearing the ideas that conservatives expound challenged. Political differences are resolved by setting up each Republican idea and then presenting reasoned arguments why the Democratic path is the better one for the country.


We have the votes in the House of Representatives.
We have the vote in the Senate.
We have the Executive Branch.
We don’t need the Republicans to Govern.
It is time to remove the Republicans from play and implement full progressive policies in this country.

I can’t stand to even watch a Republican or read any of their lying shit anymore. They make me too angry.
They are such evil, small people.

We don’t need people with no conscience or empathy having a political party.We don’t have the government for greedy bullies to destroy and pillage.If the rethugs don’t have the sense to shut up and go away,if they keep that selfish bullshit going,the people who already hate the psychopath party won’t tolerate the robber baron, fundie cultie bully loudmouth ,ignorant assholes on the right much longer. And if they go too far one day it will become open season on bigots.

Republicans should be eliminated with extreme prejudice by any means necessary

I don’t believe in this American experiment either. Parties with different ideas about how to get things done are terrible for a country. Why should there be a debate about anything? We all know what will work!

The Republican Party needs to be eliminated. They serve no useful purpose. There’s no reasoning with them. They’ll gladly destroy the country if they think it will return them to power. May they all rot in pieces. I hate to say I hate anyone, but I hate them all. …..

You can find these statements and many more here.

The Democratic Underground comments on the new Pope

Powerline, announcing the new Pope, notes that Confederate Yankee has found pretty much what you would expect from the Democratic Underground:

Fox News reports that the Cardinals have selected 78 year-old Joseph Ratzinger to be the new Pope — Pope Benedict XVI. The new Pope is expected to adhere to the policies and approach of Pope John Paul II, with which he was closely associated.

UPDATE: Carpe Bonum has what looks like a nice rundown on the new Pope. Meanwhile, for those who like crazed, unreasoning hysteria, Confederate Yankee has descended into the sewers of the Democratic Underground for reactions to Pope Benedict. What he found, needless to say, isn’t pretty. “It’s a sad day when the best aspect of a new pope is that he’s likely to die soon” is one of the less offensive entries.

If you want to get an idea of what the radical left is like, take a look at some of the quotes from the Democratic Undergound on the Confederate Yankee site. These are the same people who hope that the United States fails in Iraq.