From Abroad: A California Republican in Israel

Larry Greenfield, the California Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, is on a fact-finding trip in Israel. The following is his report, as published today on the FlashReport.

I asked a bright young Israel defense Forces military officer what he thought of the growing international condemnation of Israeli efforts to defend against relentless rocket attacks raining down on his country — some 200 a day now, well over 5000 murderous assaults in a month from both Lebanon and Gaza.

Definition of Barbarism: Rockets filled with ball bearings meant to inflict widespread terror and the purposeful and indiscriminate maiming of men, women and children. 1 million Israelis have left their homes or hide in shelters day after day.

By the way, Israelis take in their brothers, and so you do not hear about their refugees, and many of the victims of Hezbollah rockets include Israeli Arab Christians and Moslems.

Also, visiting injured soldiers and civilians in Israeli hospitals reveals American-style top medical care— both deeply compassionate and highly technologically advanced.

The USA initiated 2 Just Wars, thousands of miles away, in response to terrorism on our shores, and the threat of more terrorism, and I shared my belief (hope) that if even a few missiles harmed US citizens from across our borders, well, then, pity anyone in the path of our guaranteed complete annihilation of terrorists and their harborers or sponsors.

We spoke together about deterrence, and the notion that citizens are only safe if their leaders project and provide such overwhelming response to aggression that enemies choose not to start the fight.

He thoughtfully shared that although Israelis are unified and determined, and doing well against Hezbollah,and Hamas, if it were not for the USA, and the leadership of President Bush, Israelis themselves might begin to lose heart and feel vulnerably alone in the defensive war against radical Islam.

He then turned the question on me, though, and wondered and worried about both growing left-wing pacifism in the West as well as rising global anti- Semitism (assaults on Jewish communities from Austalia to Paris to Seattle).

Acknowledging his concerns, I agreed that Israel, western civilization, and the USA suffer now from moral relativism and deceit in our media, some university professors who have done more than village communists to promote socialism and pacifism, and occasional drunken bravado, or much worse, from the blame the Zionists crowd. We do need more Braveheart, and less anti-Semitism, that is for sure.

But, I added, do not be concerned. The American heartland, mostly Christian, understands that Israel, a loyal ally, is in the right, and is appreciated for never asking for direct US military intervention in her battles against terrorism. Israel and the US have each others backs, and both are sharing intelligence while battling shared enemies on different fronts.

So where do American Jews fit in, he wondered?

Recent polls of American citizens show a sharp distinction between Republicans and Democrats in support of Israel, both generally, and in its defensive efforts to debilitate Iranian supplied terrorist strongholds and preserve a sense of deterrence on both its Southern border with Gaza and its Northern border with Lebanon.

Recent reports in the LA Times, Miami Herald, and Washington Post among others indicate a continuing sea change in Jewish political identification, towards the GOP, among the Orthodox, those who care about Israel, and the young. One example: leftist campus activism is pushing Jews into the arms of College Republicans and other genuine supporters of rational comprehension of and action against Jihadists.

As World War III develops, Jews have certainly noticed pronounced Arabism in Europe, such as the craven governments who supplied and supported Saddam, a vicious anti-American and Anti-Semitic gang at the UN, and leftists like President Chavez in Venezuela who cozy up to an Iranian dictator who seeks to wipe Israel off the map and calls for Death to America.

By now, most honest Jewish observers have made up their minds about biased and leftist global mainstrea media, weak-kneed European socialists, and the depravity and barbarism of Islamic terrorists who violate all notions of human rights and the rules of warfare.

They also recognize that Republicans, far more than Democrats, applaud an Israel that warns civilians and does not target them, while battling Hezbollah and Hamas who purposefully target innocents.

Finally, Jews know that the Islamist suicide/homicide bomber whose backpack was filled with rat poison- laced explosives to cause maximum brain damage on the streets of Jerusalem has now morphed into a Terrorist Inc. warrior who is now backed by a coalition of terror states, and who seeks not just to kill Jews but to destroy the Jewish state. And the United States, too.

Unless soundly defeated, Iran and Syria will not stop until the West is economically, politically, and militarily challenged and injured far beyond what has been predicted.

What is left to learn by American Jews about the need to stand and defend, to grow up, and to leave behind decades of soft utopianianism and painfully wrongheaded policies that promoted, for example, dangerously doomed and naive negotiations with Yasir Arafat, the godfather of this modern terrorism?

What is left to say to American Jewish Democrats, who just saw their brightest light, US Senator and former national Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, tossed out of his job by a neophyte preppie whose campaign slogans come from the anti- Israel far left?

Seven words, actually. Thank you America and thank you GOP.

Everywhere I have been in Israel, from the Southern front where Israelis continue to be hit by Islamic resistance fighters, to the Northern cities and towns under a constant barrage of rockets (imagine your town under missile attack hour after hour….) I heard the voices of confident unity about Israeli military capabitility and purpose and a shared dedication to standing up to existential assault.

I also clearly heard respect and admiration for an American President who rejected Arafat for good after the Karine A terrorist ship was caught red handed, and a resolute Republican Congress which consistently passes legislation supporting Israel (with many more Democrat dissents than Republican, the record reflects).

I further heard about US Ambassador John Bolton, who has repeatedly stood against the corrupt gangsters that make up the UN general assembly, and who has battled for Western values and interests with stunning dignity and dedication.

Mr. Bolton, by the way, has been harshly opposed by Jewish Senators Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, Feingold, Wyden, et al. They will bare this shameful treatment of a hero of America and a hero of the Jewish people as the defining example of their ingratitude and moral decadence.

I finally and gratefully heard a growing admiration for American Christians, who have repeatedly had to overcome suspicious animosity for their honorable and sincere efforts to stand by Israel, according to their reading of scripture that (Gen. 12.3): I will Bless Those that Bless You, and Curse Those that Curse You. (It is deeply rewarding to see Jews begin to shed their wrong-headed beliefs that Christians are motivated by impure motives in this regard).

So, Israelis know what American Jews are, thankfully, finally understanding in increasing numbers.

Indeed, it is high time to stop voting for FDR (who applauded Neville Chamberlain’s ignominious handshake with Hitler, by the way), and time to support the party of liberty.

Lincoln freed the slaves. Ronald Reagan taught us peace through strength, and promoted the rescue of Jews and Christians from behind the Iron Curtain. Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) has revealed the corruption and decadence of the United Nations. And President Bush and the GOP Congress today have continued the tradition of liberation and resolute response to massive evil.

One more note to ponder: Democrats who threaten to take over House Committees do not exactly inspire respect as friends of Israel or American leadership against tyranny and radical Islam.

The GOP case for Jewish support is clear and more and more American Jews are finally standing with the United States and Israel, and for defense against Jihad, by thanking America and moving to the GOP.


Larry Greenfield is the California Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition and a statewide Co-Chair of Californians for Schwarzenegger. He has served in the Armed Forces of the United States in Naval Intelligence Reserves. Please join with me in praying for Larry’s safety as he continues on this dangerous trip.

The reason that Muslims hate Jews
One wonders why many Muslims grow up hating Jews. As this video shows, they are indoctrinated from the cradle to hate. To me, this is a form of child abuse.

What kind of civilized culture teaches their children to hate?

Missed opportunities are costly in the Middle East

The United States and Israel are making major mistakes in the Global War against Islamic jihadists. The mistakes will end up causing unnecessary deaths of both Israelis and Americans.

The United States should have recognized that Israel is on the frontline and is fighting Iran’s proxy in this War against Civilization, on behalf of the United States and the West, and it should have not only encouraged them to succeed, but should have put no restraints on them and should be providing what military and intelligence assistance they can.

Israel’s indecision and failure to act quickly and decisively in striking a death blow against Hizbollah will cost it. Israel has already lost the PR war, and if it ends the current fighting without having demolished Hizbollah and its armaments, it will appear to the Muslim world that the once fabled invincibility of the Israel Defense Forces is no longer.

This will undoubtedly provoke other attempts at attacking Israel.

As former Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger expresses it,

“The more Israel appears unwilling – or unable – to obliterate Hizballah’s capabilities, the more it advances Hizballah’s regional posture, adrenalizing the veins of terrorist regimes, weakening pro-US Arab regimes such as Jordan and Kuwait, exacerbating Mideast instability, undermining Israel’s and US’ posture of deterrence, planting seeds for the next and more horrific war, and lessening US interest to expand strategic cooperation with Israel.

The more Israel distances itself from its defiant tradition, which has been forged by the 1948 Declaration – and War – of Independence (in face of US military embargo!),by the 1967 Six Day War (resisting US pressure and French military embargo) and by the 1981 bombing of Iraq’s nuclear reactor (in spite of US, UN and European threats), the less committed are many of Israel’s staunch allies on both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue and in the Christian community.”

Ehud Olmert,unfortunately, is not the strong decisive leader that Israel needs at this time. His hesitation in striking Hizbollah with Israeli boots on the ground rather than an ineffective air campaign at the beginning of the conflict when he had the whole world on the side of Israel, was a significant opportunity lost.

If Israel does not disarm Hizbollah, and that is looking more and more likely, Hizbollah will be back with even more dangerous missiles, supplied by Syria, from Iran, and will cause even more serious damage to Israel and Israeli lives.

Israel is the proxy of the West in its fight against the barbarians of Islamic Jihad. This is really a fight between Western civilization of the 21st Century and the Islamic Jihadic civilization of the 7th Century.

Israel is restrained by the United States because the American administration did not want to disrupt the fledgling democracy in Lebanon. That is typical naivete of the West. The Lebanese Government is not a friend to the United States. Lebanon supports Hizbollah, and wants to destroy Israel. If Lebanon really wanted to disarm Hizbollah, it could have. The United States missed an opportunity to have Israel deal a death blow to Hizbollah.

Rather than calling for a multi-national force to separate an armed Hizbollah from Israel, France, and other European countries, as well as the United States, should be joining Israel in this fight to destroy the jihadists.

Rather than calling for a cease-fire, the Western countries should let Israel finish the job that needs to be done on their behalf.

This fight will come to the United States in one form or another, sooner or later. Better to have Israel do what damage it can in the Middle East now then face the damage that will come to the United States because of its failure to understand the mentality of the Islamic jihadists and the majority of Muslims in the Middle East.

The majority of Muslims in the world want the total destruction of the State of Israel, and many also want the destruction of the United States.

When will we realize that? How many more opportunities will we miss?

Dr. Yaron Brook, Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute, said it well.

“Israel must continue its war in Lebanon until it obliterates Hezbollah’s presence there. And the leaders of every civilized country should be urging Israel to do just that.

“Israel is Western civilization’s frontline in the war against Islamic totalitarianism, a religious ideology that seeks to subjugate the whole world to Islam.

“It is in the self-interest of every free or semi-free country in the world that Israel defeat Hezbollah, an Islamic terror group sponsored by the Islamic republic of Iran.

“The Islamic totalitarians will not be defeated until we in the West support Israel and gain the courage and the moral certitude to fight them without restraint.”

When will we wake up and realize that we, here in the United States, are involved in war for our existence and for the existence of the entire civilized world?

The future of Iraq

I just had to post this from the Egyptian Sandmonkey:

A meeting on the future of Iraq was held in Cairo, at the Institute of Strategic and Futuristic studies. There was a representitive there from every Iraqi political faction: Maliki people, Allawi people, Talbani people, Sistani people, you name it.

The Sistani and Sadr representitives were sitting side by side, both dressed in their Shia cleric Batman outfits, and when it was their turn to speak, they opted both to have one of them speak a unified position. This is what they said:

“A lot of you have expressed concern over the Future of Iraq. We would like to announce that despite everything, we are not worried at all about the future of Iraq. This is because the Mahdi is bound to re-appear very soon and save us all from all that is happening. As we speak, he is sitting in his cave, with milk on his left, and honey on his right!”

Ever get the feeling that the world is run by utterly insane people?

We are going to have to deal with this kind of reasoning in our ongoing battle with Islamic jihadists. In other words, there is no rational discussion that will win them over, only force.

NO Cease-fire Until Hezbollah Is Obliterated

Echoing numerous world leaders, Pope Benedict has called for an immediate cease-fire in the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, asking both to “immediately put down their arms.”

“But that’s the last thing Israel should do,” said Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute.

“Israel must continue its war in Lebanon until it obliterates Hezbollah’s presence there. And the leaders of every civilized country should be urging Israel to do just that.

“Israel is Western civilization’s frontline in the war against Islamic totalitarianism, a religious ideology that seeks to subjugate the whole world to Islam.

“It is in the self-interest of every free or semi-free country in the world that Israel defeat Hezbollah, an Islamic terror group sponsored by the Islamic republic of Iran.

“The Islamic totalitarians will not be defeated until we in the West support Israel and gain the courage and the moral certitude to fight them without restraint.”

The Spirit of Appeasement – Avi Davis

Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzyhentisyn, in his acceptance speech before the Nobel Prize Committee in 1970, declared that the 20th Century had been one long record of appeasement by the West in favor of totalitarianism. “The spirit of Munich is not a thing of the past,” he stated sardonically, “…it is predominant in the 20th Century. The entire civilized world trembles as snarling barbarism suddenly re-emerges and moves into the attack. And the West finds that it has nothing to fight with but smiles and concessions.”

During the half hour on the morning of July 13, when Katyusha rockets slammed into the northern Israeli town of Safed, those words took on a profound meaning for me. The news hit hard, since two of the Hizbullah-launched rockets landed within 400 yards of my Israeli home in the center of Safed’s Old City. But beyond my personal anguish, I became aware of an implacable reality. In the 58 years since the War of Independence, Safed had not experienced a single terrorist incident, let alone a major rocket attack. Violence, of the type experienced in other parts of the country, had never been a feature of life in the town. But the explosion of seven Katyushas in the same hour, resulting in one death and 30 injuries, swept the once-tranquil mountain village, suddenly and traumatically, into the turbulence of the 21st Century and the worldwide struggle between freedom and Islamo-fascism.

No one should have been surprised. In the six years since Israel’s retreat from the fourteen-mile security zone in southern Lebanon, Hizbullah, Iran’s Lebanese proxy, had created an arsenal of nearly 13,000 missiles poised against Israel’s northern towns. Anyone who had visited Israel’s border with Lebanon and witnessed the garish, provocative displays of yellow flags, posters, fortifications and abundant weaponry, in places only 50 feet distant, knew that it would be just a matter of time before Hizbullah’s juggernaut of destruction would be unleashed against the north.

The Hizbullah terrorists who launched those rockets were, of course, not measuring their place in history. They were capitalizing on what they perceived to be instability, weakness and distraction among Israeli leaders. The kidnapping in Gaza and subsequent Israeli retaliation offered a convenient feint and opportunity to instill a realization in exasperated Israelis that the Arab wars against Israel did not end in 1973, 1993 or with the collapse of the second Palestinian intifada. Those wars continue and will continue as long as Israel exists.

That is the sad message delivered by the Katyushas that battered Safed that Thursday morning. For no matter what Israel does – whether it be the signing of peace treaties, withdrawal from disputed territory, the securing of United Nations guarantees of its borders or the policing by international peacekeepers – nothing will stem the tide of hatred and revulsion in the Arab and Muslim world against the Jewish state. Arab revanche, it must finally be understood, cannot be answered with either appeasement or accommodation; it can only be met with crushing force.

It is this reality that has yet to sink into the mindset of both Israeli and American leaders . Having been burned by the conclusive failure of the Oslo peace process, Ehud Barak, six years ago, piled tragedy upon mistake. He ordered an evacuation from the Lebanon security zone, abandoning the IDF’s loyal allies – the Christian-dominated South Lebanese Army – without so much as a whisper of assurance by the Lebanese government of calm on its southern border. While witnessing the build up of the Hizbullah and Hamas arsenals over five years, Barak’s successor, Ariel Sharon, made the second calamitous mistake of withdrawing from Gaza, mandating the destruction of flourishing Jewish communities only to behold, within days, the transformation of the settlements’ ruins into launching pads for Kassam missiles aimed directly at southern Israeli population centers.

The foolhardy tide of concessions has not yet abated. As Israel reels under attacks on two fronts, the present prime minister, Ehud Olmert, continues to hew to his unfocused policy of unilateral withdrawal, by calling for even further territorial concessions, proposing to abandon dozens of West Bank communities in an attempt to create permanent borders for the State of Israel. That those borders would prove indefensible does not seem to trouble him. But the war in which Israel is now engaged is simple proof that walls, fences, unilateral disengagements or even bilateral agreements are no protection against sophisticated weaponry in the hands of terrorists who have little respect for, or interest in, the maintenance of the status quo.

With the incontrovertible confirmation of the folly of such an approach, a pitiless reality must now surely be settling in – withdrawal and territorial concession will never be interpreted in the Arab world as anything but weakness, retreat and surrender. It is a certain invitation to war and a guarantee of unending violence and strife.

The era of smiles and concessions must be brought to an end. The answer to terrorist kidnappings and rocket launchings can only be overwhelming, devastating military force – a message that must be understood not just in the terrorist strongholds, but in the faraway capitals where their sponsors hatch, plan and finance their proxies’ next battles. [emphasis added]

Avi Davis is an adjunct fellow of the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies, a Washington, D.C.-based policy institute

It’s not terrorism, folks

From Cox & Forkum Editorial Cartoons