The following are my recommendations for voting on the propositions on the November 3rd ballot:

PROP DescriptionRecommended Vote
14 Funding for Stem Cell ResearchNO
15 Raise taxes on non-residential real estateNO
16 Allow affirmative action againNO
17 Allow Parolees the right to voteNO
18 Allow some 17 year olds to voteNO
19 Allow Seniors, disabled and disaster victims to take their tax basis with them when they sell their home and buy a new one.NO
20Restores previous penalties for certain crimes (roll-back of Brown leniency).YES
21Rent control (again)NO
22Allows ride-share drivers to be deemed to be independent contractors.YES
23Regulating dialysis clinics (back again)NO
24Create new state agency and staff to enforce consumer privacy laws.NO
25Requires approval of 2018 law that banished cash bail for criminals.NO

I have read in detail the complete language of each of the propositions.  These are the recommendations I have come up with based on my research and analysis.  My recommendations also happen to coincide with the recommendations of other conservatives who have also researched the ballot measures, including Steve Frank and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.  If you would like a detailed explanation for the recommended vote on any of the propositions feel free to contact me.

Gary Aminoff


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