I had some thoughts last night on race that I think I should post here.

  1. Marxists, the enemies of liberty, property, and capitalism, started their movement as class warfare.  They saw that class warfare did not work in overthrowing Western governments or disrupting the existing order of society to enable them to get power. They then decided it would be more useful to use race warfare rather than class warfare, especially in America. 
  2. In 1974, Raul Yzaguirre, executive director of La Raza, a Marxist organization, persuaded the Census Bureau to abandon questions of national origin, and in their place to insert questions of race.  This change in the census was the beginning of identifying and quantifying the American people by race.
  3. Since 1965 those on the far left have been pushing identity politics and victimhood on minorities, particularly on the black community.
  4. In 1966, McGeorge Bundy, President Kennedy’s national security advisor, became the head of The Ford Foundation.  Bundy and his team at the Ford Foundation essentially created identity politics in the US.  The Ford Foundation, under Bundy, drove virtually all American social policy regarding race.  Bundy and his team believed in “ethnic separatism.”
  5. There are numerous instances in the past 55 years, where Marxists have been able to assert themselves and continue to foster racial war in the US.
  6. Every time there is a black person killed by a white cop, they take advantage of the anger and convince blacks that there is “systemic racism” in America and that the police are the enemy of minorities.  When, in fact, the incidence of white cops killing blacks is rare, especially when considering the number of white people killed by cops, or the number of blacks killed by other blacks. It has been shown that while some police are biased, most are not. Systemic racism in America has been pretty much eliminated. Are there racists in America?  Of course.  But they are an insignificant minority.
  7. As Heather McDonald points out in her well-researched book, there is a war on cops.  By turning the black community against the police, and by trying to eliminate or defund the police, the Left is attempting to create a chaotic, lawless society that will create the opportunity for them to step in and assume power.
  8. Black Lives Matter started as a legitimate protest by people (white and black) about the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in 2012.  Marxists have since co-opted the movement.
  9. BLM has been successful in fooling major corporations and charitable organizations into thinking that by donating funds to BLM, they are doing something to help the black community. What those donors don’t realize is that the funds are not going to help the black community. They are funding a Marxist organization that will continue to try to disrupt and destroy American society until they can assume power.  BLM is not about helping the black community.
  10. Singling out one race and giving them special treatment through Affirmative Action has given some blacks the idea that without getting that special treatment, they would not be able to compete with white students.  That is not true, and affirmative action does not help them. They don’t need affirmative action or unique treatment.  They are as smart as white students and can compete very well on their own without special treatment.
  11. What must we do to restore order and sanity to our society?  We must stop identity politics and racial disharmony.  All Americans must unite together whatever their skin color, which is such a superficial distinction. 
  12. We must teach our children, not racial division, as they are now learning, but that race is irrelevant.  We have to let them know that everyone in America must be treated with equal respect and equal justice.
  13. When our children learn that race is a superficial distinction and that everyone is human and, in our country, American, race riots and race warfare will end.  To successfully achieve this will take a generation or two, but it must occur if we are to remain the land of the free.
  14. Martin Luther King was correct when his wish was that his children should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  We must stop separating Americans by the color of their skin.

That is a summary of some of my thoughts about race.  I will likely write an article, but for now, those are my key points.