The shocking wave of anti-Semitic attacks in recent weeks in Democrat-run cities and leftist college campuses across the United States have hardly scandalized the think tank progressives who are taking this opportunity to lecture the Jewish-Americans under assault about why it’s in their interest to remain unarmed. These are the same voices of the same political party, however, who promulgated the very failed policies that have engendered homeless encampments, moratoriums on arresting street criminals, public defecation in the street, and flagrant and open illegal drug use which have turned many US cities into the dangerous, lawless, filthy locales where it’s not surprising that the latest trend among the drug-addled and mentally disturbed should become Jew-hunting.

San Francisco, for example, is home to more drug addicts than high school students. So the track record of policy-makers of the party of Al Sharpton, Keith Elison, Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar—hardly the best friends of Judaism and Israel—indicates that suggestions from this quarter about Jewish safety should be treated much like helpful tips about trans-Atlantic crossings from the captain of the Titanic.

Yet, their advice is given in no uncertain terms: Jewish-Americans wishing to remain safe as assaults close in on them from so many quarters should refrain from arming themselves to ward off their attackers. If the upside-down logic seems the opposite of what should pass for reason, the bizarre remedy is always accompanied by strident reminders that the “facts” and “studies” supporting this insanity come from universities—although the same universities where Jewish-American students are regularly harassed, beaten, chased out of lecture halls, shouted down.

Indeed, there is, of course, a whole muddled catalogue of data-dredged, cherry-picked and figure-fudged abstracts which supports the rather abstract view that the best way to protect oneself is to disarm and throw hands in the air. Keep in mind, those peddling this propaganda are the strident “We’re with Science!” sloganeers, the same crew who seek out anti-patriarchal intersectionality in physics, have avoided math and science like the plague, opted instead for gender studies, iambic pentameters and indigenous basket-weaving classes.

It isn’t science but history that provides lessons concerning self-defense since the theme of unarmed and terrorized peoples, under the heel of their armed tyrants, is one that rebounds across the length and breadth of world history; science has little to do with it. The Spartans, for example, who held the entire neighboring slave-nation of helots, the Messenians, in bondage believed just as strongly in laws against assault weapons as today’s gun control advocates, executing any helot found in possession of one.

Rome too was a great advocate of disarmament — for all their conquered subjects, that is. Ancient authors have chronicled the frenetic attempts by Jews to rectify their awful mistake and manufacture weapons after having surrendered their arms to Roman proconsuls. But, the Pax Romana didn’t just descend on Jews alone; it crushed hundreds of other ethnicities too. The indomitable Caledonian leader Calgacus, who steadfastly refused to disarm and accept the benefits of Roman civilization, has given us a pithy truism from 2,000 years ago: “they make a desert and call it peace.”

Modern deserts have been created right in front of our eyes as well, in places where some government swept in confiscating weapons, taking away self-defense and replacing it with flimsy papers embossed with ridiculously unenforceable new laws. The French left that legacy for the people of Cambodia. The law enacted by the French colonial authority in 1956 made it next to impossible for average Cambodians to protect themselves. When the armed thugs of the Khmer Rouge swept in from the jungles in 1975 they were able to pounce upon the defenseless population, turning Cambodia into a “Killing Field,” piling up two million corpses along the way.

Rwanda’s Tutsis suffered a similarly brutal fate in 1994 when murderous mobs of Hutus went on a 103-day rampage, butchering 800,000 people, raping and brutalizing 250,000 women. Once again, the Tutsis were unarmed, having thoughtfully obeyed the gun control laws enacted in their country in November 1964 and May 1979. The few United Nations troops in country did absolutely nothing to save a single life — given strict orders not to engage, and only to fire back if fired upon. The abandoned Tutsis were simply massacred, the few survivors being those who had disobeyed the law and were shooting back, or those desperate enough to take arms away from their would-be murderers.

There is no science that says fasting is a good way to gain weight, or that removing one’s clothes is an excellent means to keep warm. Nor is there any sort of plausible scientific data to suggest that tossing away one’s personal weapons is the advisable course to increase one’s safety. Those peddling that nonsense to Jewish-Americans have every reason to hope that it results in the demise of those gullible enough to have believed it.

Arm yourselves legally, Jewish-Americans, and defend yourselves and your families. Stand up and be strong. We Americans, your faithful countrymen in our hundreds of millions, stand behind you and will never abandon you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Nabhan is a science and science fiction writer. He is the author of “Earthquake Prediction: Dawn of the New Seismology” (2017) and three other books on seismic forecasting.

[This post originally appeared in the Times of Israel]