Dr. H. Leon Pachter, MD, a surgeon in New York wrote an article, which I highly recommend, called “Self Deception In The Twilight Zone of Illusionism.

It is about radical Islam. He makes some excellent points about the self-deception that goes on in the West about who has declared us to be their enemy. If you are interested in the effects of Islamism on our daily lives, you should read this article.

Unfortunately, it is not published online. This is a pdf version which you can download and read.


Feel free to come back here and leave comments about it after you have read it. I am interested to know your opinion.




  1. Terrific article…but if we’re going to dispense w/political correctness, then we must stop calling this “extremism,” or “fundamentalism,” or “Islamism,” or “radicalism” – Islam is Islam. No modifiers. No weasel words. There is only one shariah. The definition of the word “Muslim” is “one who submits” – to shariah. Jihad is doctrine. So is antisemitism, inequality of Muslim & non-Muslim, men & women, and Islamic supremacism. This is authoritative, normative, everyday Islam. Those who don’t agree w/it are called not “moderate Muslims” – they’re ‘apostates.’ Or maybe ‘former Muslims.’ To be Muslim means to submit to this belief system & follow the life of Muhammad. Don’t believe all that? Say so. Out loud. Then we’ll know who’s who.


  2. I understand why you come to that conclusion, however, you may be unaware of the movement by Muslims, particularly in the U.S. to reform Islam. This is a movement that should be encouraged. If you would like to know more about the movement to reform Islam, I suggest that you review some of the writing on the following web site: http://muslimreformers.com/

    Also, you might want to listen to this radio program which features an interview of some of the Muslim reformers.


    1. Sorry, but none of these is even slightly credible – not inside Islam & certainly not outside it. Islam is fixed. It does not change. If you want to see what “Islamic Reform” looks like, visit Raqqa. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is leading the 3rd great Reformation of Islam right now…you may recall his model, Abu Bakr, the 1st Caliph. 2nd Muslim reformer was Ibn Wahhab. Exactly analogous to Martin Luther.

      While we’re at it, these so-called ‘reformers’ should be asked what is it about Islam that they think is so in error & needs to be changed…the Qur’an, which is believed the literal word of Allah? Hmm. Probably not. How about the Sunna, the life of Muhammad? Oops, can’t go there either – apostasy. The shariah maybe? Uh-oh, apostasy & death penalty to even suggest that, too….so, what are we left with?

      Please ask them what Allah or Muhammad got wrong. See what they say.


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