What happened yesterday is another example of why Americans are mad and aren’t going to take it anymore. It is the sellout of principles by Republican Senators that created the backlash that produced Donald Trump. Voters believe that Trump won’t sell them out.

Here are the circumstances. Obama, further unconstitutionally extending the powers of the Federal Government into areas it was never intended to function in, has decided that wealthy suburbs don’t have enough Democrat votes. Democrats have power and influence in urban areas, but they are losing power in the suburbs and exurbs. Democrat local officials in the non-urban areas are losing elections to Republican local candidates. The Democrats perceive this as a problem for the future and want to fix it by putting more Democrat votes in the suburban and exurban areas.

Obama is instituting a new rule to put low-income housing in middle and upper-middle class neighborhoods to change the voter demographics.


Senator Mike Lee introduced a measure in the Senate to defund and stop implementation of this terrible rule. Instead of jumping on board, as they should have, a bunch of sell-out Republicans, afraid of being labeled racist and pro-wealthy, supported an alternative bill offered by Senator Susan Collins which does nothing to defund or stop the implementation of the rule.

Are Republicans angry at the “Establishment?”  You bet. This is why Trump.

My friend, Dan Bongino, tells it in more detail in Conservative Review:

“I really try to stay away from intra-party political warfare given the existential fights we are now engaged in with the increasingly hostile enemies of liberty on the far Left, but this latest case of GOP insiders sabotaging the American Dream was too much to take.

Here’s what happened. The Obama administration has been quietly pushing a new rule, which would effectively build low-income housing in middle and upper middle-class neighborhoods. The rule goes by the name Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing or AFFH and, shockingly, stipulates that not only are people entitled to government subsidized housing but that people are entitled to government subsidized housing in neighborhoods which the government chooses, regardless of the wishes of the residents of those neighborhoods.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the far Left is hell-bent on decimating the American cities they monopolistically run and then transplanting those failed policies into prosperous American neighborhoods, some sell-outs within the Republican Party have decided that they are going to play along. Briefly, here’s what happened. Conservative superstar Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced a measure to defund and stop implementation of this horrible Obama rule and, instead of proudly jumping onboard to fight a noble fight for hard-working Americans’ homes, a bunch of sell-out Republicans, afraid of being disingenuously labeled anti-poor or racist (both absurd claims) decided to back an alternative amendment offered by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) which effectively does nothing to stop the Obama AFFH rule from being implemented. The Collins amendment simply allows sell-outs within the GOP Senate ranks to say they “did something” against the rule although the Collins rule doesnothing to stop its intended implementation.

“The Obama White House is going to build government-subsidized housing in your middle-class neighborhood because it doesn’t meet the Obama White House’s racial quotas.”


This rule is stunning in its audacity. Now, no one wants to see any hard-working American living on the streets in the wealthiest country in the world, and there are countless local, state, and federal government programs designed to prevent this, but claiming that the government should effectively take over the zoning process of middle-class neighborhoods in order to build government housing is beyond outrageous. Watch what happens when largely Democratic leaning enclaves watch their home equity evaporate because the federal government demanded that low-income housing be built right next door. Oh, that’s right, it has already happened in Hillary Clinton’s home county of Westchester, New York, where the Democratic leaning county erupted in disapproval and helped elect Republican Rob Astorino in response to this Obama administration rule.

Watch Dan Bongino talk about this issue in the above video.

Hillary Clinton is giving the issue the silent treatment because she has two unpalatable choices: either admit that President Obama’s assertions about upper middle-class neighborhoods like hers are full of racists (I’ll get to this in a second) are right, and the Obama administration must fix it by building low-income in her neighborhood (further angering her neighbors), or she can fight the Obama administration and say that the neighborhood she lives in is full of good people, many of whom worked hard to buy a home in the neighborhood of their choice (further angering the Obama administration).

The Obama administration knows that this plan is going to be political suicide and is going to outrage millions of hard-working Americans who worked tirelessly to purchase their piece of the American Dream in the form of a nice home in the neighborhood of their choice, so they are doing their best to both hide it, and couch it in terms of their old stand-by: racism. Despite discrimination in housing being illegal in the United States for decades, thankfully, and despite the fact that anyone who is discriminated against in housing decisions has many legal remedies readily available to them, some neighborhoods are still not diverse enough for the Obama regime based exclusively on the his administration’s limited definition of diversity. Yep, I said that right. The Obama White House is going to build government-subsidized housing in your middle-class neighborhood because it doesn’t meet the Obama White House’s racial quotas.

Why is the White House really doing this? Conservative Review’s own Daniel Horowitz, along with Stanley Kurtz at National Review and Rick Manning at American for Limited Government have been covering this topic extensively and the shortened version is this: the Obama administration wants to expand far Left political influence where it’s currently waning.

Many American cities are dominated by far Left activists, and this works well for influencing local city politics, but when it comes to rural America, the exurbs, and many suburbs, the Left is getting crushed electorally. Democrats are losing county council seats, state senate and representative seats, and congressional seats all over the country in areas outside of our biggest cities, and the Left cannot tolerate this loss of power. They crave control more than any of their other legions of desires and the loss of political control in large swaths of America is unacceptable to them. In order regain that political control, the far Left thinks they can build government housing in these right-leaning dominated areas and dilute the influence of conservative lawmakers.

That’s right. It’s all another Obama administration scam disguised as combatting racism but intended to empower the Left. These people are the worst of the worst. It’s not simply that they lie, it’s that they do it with such ease while falsely accusing American suburbanites of the worst type of moral failing, racism.

This is a sad, recurring, example of the D.C. insider class of Republicans and Democrats aligning against YOU, the American people. I’m tired but I’m not exasperated. I can’t be. And neither can you. Yes, we are being sold out in Washington on a regular basis by people who just don’t care an iota about us. They lust for power and make Faustian bargains with each election. But that’s no excuse to surrender this fight. The fight for liberty and a more prosperous future for all of us, not necessarily the result of this fight, will always be what defines us. Take comfort in the fact that this fight will define you, but it will never define the D.C. insider class, because they refuse to fight it.

Disgusting disappointing disloyalty.


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