OUTSTANDING!  Michelle Malkin gives a rousing speech to conservatives at CPAC 2016 and puts the blame where it belongs.

If you are a conservative you MUST watch this video.


  1. The Republican capitulationist leadership are pure pragmatists. The pragmatist accepts the world as it is. They become more than a little annoyed when certain people, like the Republican base, keep pushing for fundamental changes in the status quo. Pragmatist Republicans, wedded to the status quo, don’t really like the GOP base.

    Pure pragmatist Republicans have a problem with “the vision thing” as the elder Bush once said. They never look forward beyond the impending split second. Concepts of past and future hold no meaning for them. The promises they make are for present purposes only. Since the future is unreal, any commitment actually to deliver on promises is similarly unreal to them. Since the past is unreal to them, they have no understanding why anything they might have said or done in the past should constrict their present options.

    Pure pragmatist Republicans don’t actually lie. To lie, one must have in one’s mind some concept of truth, that which a liar seeks to conceal. The pure pragmatist has no such concept. They believe the pragmatist mantra: truth is what works. Thus if they say something and people become supportive, that makes what they say true.

    The GOP leadership is pretty much like that. They will say whatever’s necessary to reassure their base, but nothing they say commits them. They have long considered betrayal as practical.

    Ultimately, the only cure for the pure pragmatist, capitulationist Republicans is to get rid of them, to lose the RINOs.

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