Watch this video.  A woman, a long-time resident of the French town of Calais, explains what has happened to her community since the French government created a community of 18,000 unassimilable Muslim refugees. These refugees have their own culture and have no interest in becoming French or in participating in French culture.  They have their own laws – Sharia and do now follow French law. They have their own city government which is not answerable to any other government entity in France; they commit crimes, but the police are forbidden to enter their community.  They have, in effect, set up a Muslim separate community in a village in France.  This is being repeated all over Europe.

Since this has happened, listen to this resident explain how her community, once pleasant and peaceful, has become terrified. The uncivilized savages have brought the death of civilization to a once civilized Europe.  This could certainly repeat itself in the United States.  Please watch the video.  It is very informative.