Islamism:  support of or advocacy for Islamic fundamentalism
We often hear people say that Islam can only be reformed by Muslims. Or we ask, “Where are the Muslims standing against Islamism?”  Some make the assumption that while not all Muslims are Islamists, all Muslims sympathize with Islamists. That is, in fact, not true.

There are Muslims who are not happy with violent Jihad, with those who follow fundamentalist Islam, and who feel that their religion gives them the right to rape women or behead infidels.

One such Muslim is a woman whose name is Shireen Qudosi. Shireen Qudosi, a Sufi Muslim of Afghan and South Asian ancestry, is a writer on Islam. For over a decade, Shireen has been involved in efforts highlighting the need for a proponent of progressive Islam. She’s recognized as one of the top 10 North American Muslim reformers through her blog Qudosi Chronicles  (the first Muslim blog to integrate Jewish voices), articles, speaking engagements, and the cultivation of a diverse network of secular activists within the Muslim subculture. You can learn more about Shireen Qudosi by going here.

Shireen has written an article which appears in The Federalist, titled, “No, Obama, Muslim Heroism Means Reforming A Decrepit Faith” with the sub-title, “President Obama has chosen to partner with the most repressive strains of Islam in America today rather than challenging them to upgrade.” Here are the first few paragraphs of the article. It is well worth reading in full.

Yesterday, at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, the audience for President Obama’s speech reflected an Islamist’s vision of today’s Muslim-American community. That setting, promoted by the media and the White House, was meant to teach the American people—and, certainly, the growing number of Muslims in America—what an authentic Muslim looks like. It was a collection of hijab-clad women and long-bearded, severe-faced men.

The choreographed scene didn’t represent American Muslim immigrants like me—reformers, humanists, and critical thinkers—who find no place in Islamist mosques in this country, and are shunned by similarly Islamist pressure groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Choosing to Work with Terrorist Enablers

Obama’s legacy in working with Muslim-American groups has consistently been flawed, with a long list of collaborators conflating detrimental narratives that reinforce pity, victimization, and loathing for America as a central and defining theme. His choice of mosque is no different.

Read the full article here.

Shireen is writing a book, “Islam’s Origin Story.”  The kick-off chapter for a larger book project, “Islam’s Origin Story” is designed to trigger a bold new dialogue – one that uses extremism against itself by:

(1) Identifying the source and pathway triggering radical and political Islam during its early years – making it impossible for apologists to deny the association between Islam and radicalism.

(2) Undermining the Islamist argument that Islam can’t be reformed, by using Islamic history and theology in support of moderate Islam.

(3) Recalibrating tangible solutions to extremism within Islam, using the origin story against itself.

(4) Offering real-time creative and policy-driven solutions to counter extremism.

Shireen would like some help to be able to fund her in completing the book.  If you want to support the reformation of Islam, head on over to this GoFundMe site and help Shireen complete her important work.