Sometimes you meet someone who dedicates his existence to unselfishly doing good for others.  I think of people like that as “Earth Angels.”  I met one yesterday. His name is Allan Espinoza.

Hearing from my friends, Will Griffith and Alysyn Bourque, who are volunteer workers at the “God Provides” Food Bank in South El Monte about the good work done by Allan, who runs the food bank, I decided to visit and see what is going on.  I came away immensely impressed with the awesome work that Allan, Will, Alysyn and the other volunteer workers do. All the workers at the food bank are volunteers.


Gary Aminoff and Allan Espinoza at the food bank.


Allan Espinoza was a successful commodities broker until about 20 years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer.  He retired to deal with his health issues. When he overcame his cancer, he decided he would devote the rest of his life to helping others. And helping others is what he does. By and large, the food is donated by markets as the unsold foods approach the “sell-by” date. The food bank distributes free food to homeless, veterans, Native Americans, even kosher food to indigent Jews. Allan says they distribute about 14 Million pounds of food a year to the hungry. They take no government money, federal or state, which means they aren’t restricted by government regulations as to whom they can provide food to or how they need to operate.


Food for the hungry


I was really taken by how dedicated everyone who works there is. They know they are doing important work, that they are saving lives, and are improving the quality of life for the unfortunate, so you see the happiness on their faces as they go about their work.

It is very exciting to me to know that there are private organizations whose sole purpose is to feed the hungry, a biblical commandment. It is another instance where the efficiencies they achieve in carrying out their mission could not be achieved if this was a government-run operation.

I am supporting their work, and I urge you to consider doing so also.  If you can make a donation, which is fully tax-deductible, please go to their website and give them some love.

This is a wonderful example of how private individuals have traditionally filled the need to take care of others.

Great accomplishments, Allan, Will, Alysyn and food bank volunteers. There will be a special place in heaven for you.