The U.S. and the U.N. have found Iran in compliance with the “Nuclear Accord” agreement, which Iran has still not agreed to.

The lifting of sanctions and the turning over to Iran of $150 Billion ends any potential leverage the U.S. might have had to pressure Iran into not building nuclear weapons. While Iran released some U.S. citizen prisoners they were holding, they haven’t released all U.S. prisoners.
As to the prisoner exchange, JE Dyer says the following:

We should have gotten a better deal for the American prisoners held by Iran. LU’s Ben Bowles is certainly right to question the terms of the deal.

What we should have gotten is a deal that involved a political transformation of Iran, and a real prospect that political imprisonment and hostage-taking by the rogue regime would cease.

Instead, we got a deal that will spike the guns of critics of the Iran nuclear “deal,” at the crucial point when the UN’s IAEA is about to give Obama the green light to lift nuclear-related sanctions.

Read more of this excellent analysis by JE Dyer.

Iran, the U.S. and the U.N. all are in agreement that Iran is not weaponizing uranium.  Well, at least not today.

My prediction: Within 10 years Iran will announce that it has nuclear weapons and will threaten to use them.


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