President Obama’s policy of “strategic patience” doesn’t really seem to have much effect.  While he was waiting for North Korea to go bankrupt, or for the government to collapse, North Korea was improving its nuclear capability and now claims that they have exploded a “Hydrogen Bomb.”

If this is true it is a huge advance in the destructive power of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. A Hydrogen bomb, also known as a thermonuclear device, can pack far more explosive force than the atomic bombs North Korea has previously tested.

For America, this is not just a setback.  It is a debacle. Not only is North Korea demonstrating that it is becoming more capable of striking South Korea, Japan, or even the United States, as it improves its nuclear technology, but it is also showing other rogue states, particularly in the Middle East, that a state can ignore the rules, do what it wants with developing its nuclear capability, without suffering any consequences.

So what are the United States and the other great powers of the world doing about this new event, which shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone who was closely following North Korea?

Why, nothing, of course.  I know the next question, “What is it they can do?”  Well, let’s look at it historically.  There are two Presidents of the U.S. who could have prevented North Korea’s nuclear power.  Not to be political, but both are Democrats.  Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.  Both had the capability to do something about it, and both failed to do so.

North Korea has conducted four nuclear tests since 2006. Three of those tests have been carried out on Obama’s watch, in 2009, 2013 and now 2016 — the last two of those tests conducted under the rule of current hereditary Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. For young Kim, nuclear weapons are clearly a hallmark of his reign. He personally signed the order for this latest test, which was carried out on Wednesday morning, Jan. 6, local time.

North Korea has also been working hard at developing missile systems to deliver the bombs. Along with beefing up its Sohae launch site, North Korea’s Kim regime has advertised its interest in developing the ability to launch missiles from submarines. Last year, a number of senior U.S. military officials warned that North Korea has acquired the ability — as yet untested — to miniaturize a nuclear warhead, mount it on a ballistic missile and target the United States.

We can ignore the nuclear threat to our security and safety only at our peril.  Also, keep in mind that North Korea is working closely with Iran in helping them develop their nuclear arsenal. We have much to be concerned about, and we need a new President who is present to the threat, and has the will to do something about it.