From my friend, David P. Steinmann:

99% of American Jews have no idea this kind of thing is happening pretty much all the time. On the streets, and on college and university campuses.


Why don’t they know? Because, with a very few exceptions, the media doesn’t think it fits their news narrative so it isn’t reported. But if someone is overheard saying something negative about, say, a Muslim person, the District Attorney launches a full-scale investigation. That does fit the media’s definition of news.

The fact that the overwhelming number of hate crimes, as reported by the FBI, are against Jews, also doesn’t make the mainstream media’s newsworthy cut because then they’d have to stop braying about Islamophobia – which is a pretty minor phenomenon – and start covering the huge rise in anti-Semitism, much but by no means all of which is fueled by Muslim hatred. We couldn’t have that, could we?


The media’s job is to boost the political agenda of the people reporting the news – the idea of objective, fact-based reporting is no longer taught in journalism school, it would seem. And, surprise, surprise, the political agenda of the people reporting the news coincidentally coincides with the party platform of the Democrat party’s far left partisans.


So, the takeaways from this are 1) Don’t be an obvious Jew. That’ll buy you a bit more time;  2) Misreporting the news doesn’t always mean twisting the facts to fit a political agenda. It can be as simple as what is not reported, and 3) Join the new organization called The Legion and learn how to defend yourself. Want to know more about The Legion? Email Jon Loew at

Brooklyn, NY – 2nd Attack Reported In Flatbush As Yeshiva Student Punched In Head

Brooklyn, NY – The NYPD is once again combing the streets of Brooklyn for clues after a 17-year-old Flatbush Orthodox Jewish teen was assaulted last night on his way home from yeshiva.

Police told VIN News that the incident took place last night at 6:30 PM at the corner of Avenue L and East 29th Street.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who visited the teen this afternoon, said that the student had been heading home, listening to music on headphones, when he was punched once without warning on the side of his face by an unidentified black man.

Police described the perpetrator as 5’7, weighing approximately 155 pounds and possibly wearing a grey sweat suit or jogging clothes and a black waist length jacket.

“The guy just belts him on the side of the head and this kid falls to the ground and into the street because he was walking right at the edge,” Hikind told VIN News.

The victim who was wearing his tzitzis out and carrying his tefillin in a shoulder bag was clearly Jewish and Hikind called on the 70th precinct to investigate the incident as a hate crime.

“Nothing was taken from him and nothing was said,” noted Hikind.  “When you walk over to someone just to inflict pain and intimidation, if anything should be a hate crime, it should be this.”

The victim suffered pain and minor swelling to the injury site.

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch said that there is absolutely no reason to believe that last night’s attack on the teen was related to the robbery and beating of a Midwood man that took place early Monday morning.

Deutsch said that he had been in close contact with detectives at the 70th precinct who are investigating the incident and had given them locations of surveillance cameras in the vicinity.

Deutsch said that he asked the NYPD for extra visibility in the area and cautioned all residents to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

“We all must remain vigilant and alert and not be distracted by any type of gadgets that people may use like cell phones and iPods,” said Deutsch.