In the previous post I published Gary Miller’s open letter to me.

I responded to his open letter.  Here is my response:


Dear Mr. Miller.

I am very grateful for your open letter. Very rarely do conservatives get such a chance to see how Liberals construct their validity-free arguments, and it would be a great pleasure for me to respond to your letter point by point.

Your comments are in italics. My response is in bold.

Dear Gary,

The Republican Party has regressed mightily since the days of President Abraham Lincoln.

That is an assertion unsupported by evidence or history, as we are about to discover.

Excluding a few lonely blips on its oscilloscope, namely Presidents “Teddy” and “Ike”;

Interesting how you would chose a Progressive like Teddy Roosevelt as an example; he is not well regarded among Republicans, although I did not imagine that liberals such as yourself would find him appealing as he was manly, forthright, brave and decisive. However. Regarding Ike: you will no doubt be surprised to know, or NOT be surprised to know (being aware of the fact and failing to mention it) that all of the Civil Rights legislation passed in 1965 was proposed by Eisenhower years earlier, but the passage of the legislation was blocked by prominent Senate Democrats John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Johnson later took credit for this, of course, although he had a hard time passing the Civil Rights Act of 1965 since so many racist Democrats opposed it although a strong majority of Republicans did. Feel free to look this up at your leisure.

Republicanism in the main stands for ineptitude and greed.

If there is greater ineptitude than Democrat Barack Obama adding 6 trillion dollars in three years (to $16 Trillion) to a debt he accused George Bush of “unpatriotically” raising to $10 Trillion from $6 Trillion when he took office 8 years earlier, then it is only matched by Democrat Harry Reed who has gone for over 1000 days — three years — without approving the annual budget. This is either a criminal dereliction of duty on both their parts… or, more likely given their party affiliation, simple museum-grade incompetence. As to greed; you are no doubt confusing it with economic growth. See below. Further, as to greed, I suggest that you view a two minute video of economist Milton Friedman speaking on that very issue, which you will find right here or by clicking on the YouTube video above.

Precisely the values we don’t need, given the untenable state our nation anguishes and languishes in today.

With regard to the anguishing and languishing, I agree with you 100%! You are right; things did not use to be this way. Then came CHANGE! How’s that Hope and Change working out for America? I know, you’d rather talk about Bush — who had half the unemployment rate, half the national debt and double the economic growth of the current President. Things are so bad for Barack Obama these days that even when you guys trot W out it makes Obama look worse.

A day doesn’t go by that some Republican candidate, leader or otherwise shouts “we want our country back.”

We do want it back. You borrowed it, you broke it, and you weren’t even decent enough to leave a note on the windshield. And if 2010 was any indication, we are well on the way to achieving that goal.

Back to what, the times when George W. Bush rode his bicycle around Washington or chopped wood in Crawford while “Rome” burned.

Well, Pat yourself on the back, Gary! You went six lines before blaming things on the guy who’s been out of office for the last three years of Obama’s tenure. That must be a new record for you fellows. And while it is true that GWB rode a mountain bike, he managed to do it without looking like a sixth grade girl (google “Obama bicycle”). And thank you for pointing out that he took his vacations IN HIS OWN HOME, which he paid for WITH HIS OWN MONEY, rather than golfing in the Hamptons with his Goldman-Sachs billionaire buddies (you know — the leading donor to the Obama campaign), or having Michelle rent Spanish villas at — what was it? — $50,000/day of taxpayer money? Or taking separate jets, and separate staffs, and separate security precautions and inconveniences, on their recent trip to Hawaii since Michelle did not want to wait eight hours for the President. I don’t blame her for wanting to travel separately at taxpayer expense. Or him.

Especially him.

Possibly, it’s the Reagan years you seek, when illegal wars like the Contra Affair were planned in the basement of the White House as Ronnie busily depleted the nation’s treasury.

The Contras fought against the socialists in Nicaragua. As soon as the people of that country had a chance to vote in a fair and free election (certified as genuine by the likes of Jimmy Carter, who couldn’t believe his sanctimonious, tyranny-loving eyes!), they threw out the Sandinistas in favor of freedom from the socialists. Like most Republicans in general and Ronald Reagan in particular, it is always a pleasure to stand on the side of freedom and against guys like you (Democrats) who want to limit freedom. And as far as depleting the treasury goes: Ronald Reagan caused the most remarkable spurt of economic growth in modern history, and parenthetically defeated the Soviet bloc by beefing up defense, supporting freedom fighters, and not listening to advice from liberals who said daily, and loudly, that it was all impossible. If you want to find a depleted treasury, it is the Obama years you seek. More on that goat rodeo in a moment.

Could it be the Hoover Era when our man in charge developed a paralysis to act during the Great Depression?

Paralysis? I wish! Government paralysis likely would have made the Depression a 2-3 year affair. It took FDR’s social engineering, major government spending program and big government regulations that you support to turn what was a bad situation into a decade of pain. The ‘Wonderchild’ we have in the White House at present is doing exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason, but he has the presumed advantage of the lesson of history he obviously has not bothered to read. See Coolidge, below.

If it’s morality you seek, as that seems to be one of your flavors of the day, let’s bring back the Harding Years and revisit the Teapot Dome Scandal.

We don’t have a Flavor of the Day, Gary — situational ethics is a liberal conceit. And spare me, please, the corruption charges. No political corruption in American history compares to DEMOCRATS Boss Tweed and Huey Long. All of those fat-cat Trusts lampooned by Cartoonist Thomas Nast in the late 1800’s were DEMOCRATS. See, this is why liberals want conservatives to shut up, while conservatives want liberals to KEEP TALKING. People learn all kinds of Fun Facts. Let’s discover a few more, shall we? On to your continuing insights:

George Herbert Walker, Silent Cal, McKinley, Harrison, Arthur or Garfield, they’re all pretty nondescript.

As opposed to the Earth-shattering brilliance of Democratic Mega-statesmen Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan (worst President ever?) , Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland (so unremarkable the Dems elected him TWICE), Jimmy Carter (worst President ever?) or Barack Obama? (Worst.) (President.) (Ever.)

Now I do not have the time to fill your numerous gaps in education, but you would do well to learn more about Calvin Coolidge. Faced with a worse economic crisis than either Hoover, Roosevelt or Obama, he slashed Federal spending by 50% and turned what would have been a horrible depression into full employment in just a year or two. It is one of the great economic lessons of our time. You either are unaware of it, or choose not to mention it. I’m not surprised by either alternative.

Now if corruption is your game, few, if any, could stand toe to toe with U.S. Grant.

It is true that President Grant’s administration was as corrupt as a Kennedy (pick one); all General Grant did was save the union militarily while Republican President Lincoln was saving it politically.

Unless you seek to re-write history, Republicans care little if anything about the working class, unions or the poor. Additionally, they do tend to be more racist, elitist and white than other major political party!

Interesting how you accuse us of being racist, while making a racial distinction in the same sentence. Remarkable. The entire country is nothing but racial groups in constant war with each other to you people, isn’t it? How very cynical and sad you are.

And speaking of re-writing history Gary, look up the term “projection” in your Psych 101 book, because now we get to the nub of the Great Democratic Lie. The Republican Party formed from the Whigs as a specifically ANTI-SLAVERY PARTY. Fremont lost in 1856, but when Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860, the heavily Democratic, Pro-slavery, seven states of the Deep South went out of the Union BEFORE LINCOLN WAS INAUGURATED, so certain were these Democrats that a Republican victory meant the end of Slavery. In 1864 the Democratic candidate, George McClellan, promised “the Constitution as it is; the Union as it was” — meaning pro-slavery. The first black Senators and Representatives (including the first and only black Speaker of the House) were REPUBLICANS. The KKK was formed by DEMOCRATS. The odious Jim Crow laws were written by DEMOCRATS. The governors and police chiefs putting dogs and fire hoses on peaceful black protestors in the 1960’s — men like George Wallace, Lester Maddox and Bull Connor — were all DEMOCRATS. Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King were REPUBLICANS.

The late Robert Byrd, who led the fight AGAINST Civil Rights and was a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan, died in office recently and was honored by his fellow DEMOCRATS for decades of service to the party.
I would challenge the impartial reader at this point to compare my opponents slanderous allegations and opinions — oft repeated — to the verifiable facts I have presented above and make up their own minds on the racism attitude.

Compassion seems to escape the guys on your team. They are more focused on increasing the assets of the super rich than funding the legitimate needs of our country and our people.

Now to the heart of the issue. The Democrats, who claim to be compassionate, have continued to enslave black Americans by drowning them in entitlements on which they are now very dependent, and asserting that they must have lower standards — the structural essence of Affirmative Action — in order to compete against whites. We think black Americans can do just as well or as badly as anyone else. We treat people as individuals, not as privileged groups. Your Democratic policies have resulted in skyrocketing crime and the utter destruction of lower-income families. The entitlement program of Johnson’s Great Society of the 1960’s destroyed the black family by giving incentives for unwed mothers to receive funding, but not married mothers. The Democrat Party anti-business, anti-growth policies proportionately hurt the lower classes the hardest through rampant unemployment. Their entitlement mentality has produced three generations with no self-respect, no ambition and no skills, while fostering envy, resentment, lethargy and rage.

You label this as “compassion.”

Where have you been while your obstructionist “compadres” in Congress continue to grind government to a screeching halt by following the no tax dictums of Grover Norquest, the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party?

Gary, this must be difficult for a person who apparently cannot add, but you Big Government types have spent not only all the money there is, but all the money there will be for the next forty years. My grandchildren will be paying off the debt that has been incurred. This debt bomb is the abyss, and everybody knows it. It was created by both parties, but Barack Obama has put the pedal to the metal and is racing toward it on pace to have accrued more debt in one term than the previous 43 presidents have… COMBINED. In a car racing for the cliff and accelerating it is a source of not simply common sense but actual PRIDE to try to grind this insanity to a halt. And coming from a man whose President has a ONE BILLION DOLLAR re-election fund, and whose fellow traveler George Soros pumps BILLIONS of dollars into liberal politics every single year, it is a little bit hilarious — actually, it’s fully hilarious — to suggest that the people driving themselves across the country to attend Tea Party rallies are paid for by the Koch Brothers. Compare a Tea Party Rally with a progressive rally, and notice how the progressives all have the same printed signs, the same color t-shirts, and are the only ones who came in on the same big buses. One side is being funded by big money. You were wrong about which one. Guess again.

The major chant from the Republican hymnal “Trickle Down” is out of key. It always has been, and it always will be. Just ask David Stockman, the major proponent of it and former Reagan economic guru.

From the years 2000-2008, your friend George W. Bush lowered taxes appreciably, especially for the wealthier. How many new jobs did that produce? None, we lost jobs. Big business was energetically moving those jobs overseas while receiving giant tax incentives in return. Do you think that exercising this folly again will produce different results?

Again, Gary, I have to take the time to explain things that should be clear to any reasonable 7th grade math student, but skill at numbers is not a Democratic trait, it seems. If you make ACROSS THE BOARD tax cuts — as Bush did — the people paying the largest total will have a lower AGGREGATE burden than those paying less, even though the same rates applies to everyone. You Democrats often lie like this. You will often see Democrats say a Republican “wants to cut spending” when what he in fact wants to do is cut the RATE OF GROWTH of spending. It is the kind of sophistry you employ to enact policies that the American people would never support if they were told the actual facts.

And as I said earlier, the only way for a man to stand in defense of Barack Obama employment record is to do what this President has always done — blame someone else — which is especially ironic since the man you both are blaming had far better unemployment and economic growth numbers. One would think this fact would be inconvenient for you, but again… the whole Democrat/fact collision spectacle is enjoyable if frustrating to watch.

Our country is hurting.< Yes, change HAS come to America!

Now is not the time for “rugged individualism.” There’s a tough world out there and the nation must stay competitive and together if we are going to stay on or near the top. Reinstating a fair and progressive tax base would improve education for our children, give the less fortunate a little more hope and security and motivate the government and industry together to improve our crumbling infrastructure.

Please Gary, can you stop now? Thanks to Democrats, we have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world, and it is killing the kind of job creation small businesses always delivers. We spend three or four times as much money on education as the next closest country and we don’t often break the top 20 in test scores. This liberal refrain of “we only need more money to fix all the problems that have gotten worse since the LAST time we asked for more money” is getting tedious. Chart Education Department spending against test scores, and you will see the more we spend, the worse scores get. Now, if you would only get your Democratic money machine — the public sector unions — out of the picture, maybe we could fire some of the horrible teachers and top-heavy bureaucracy that is the root of the problem. Inner city parents — you know, those people you have so much compassion for — are fighting tooth and nail against your party to do this and open performance-based, charter schools… but you Democrats have uncorked more of that “compassion” on them and fought them all the way. And finally, stimulus-funded economic catastrophes like Solyndra and the Chevy Volt are not infrastructure; they are ideologically-driven boondoggles. 

Cheap shots at President Obama for political gain, such as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich take on a daily basis, only point out their lack of character. Maybe Mitt should focus on explaining the monies he has parked in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland and Newt the true reasons for his ouster as House Majority Leader or the insensitivity he’s shown to his two previous wives. Before both of them tear down Mr. Obama’s house, they might start by getting their own houses in order.

Gary, I must say, for a man to talk about Obama’s ethics by referring to HIS HOUSE is a softball so slow I am ashamed to swing at it. Do you not have any understanding of the shady deal that Barack Obama got on his house by convicted felon Tony Rezko? Look it up. But be warned: historical facts are fatal to liberalism.
And any cursory reading of Barack Obama’s life IN BARACK OBAMA’S OWN WORDS reveal a callow, conflicted narcissist who abused drugs, defaulted on numerous pre-paid book deal deadlines, and mysteriously found a way to attend Occidental, Columbia and Harvard while his mom was on food stamps. He edited the Harvard Law Review through the previously untried method of not editing or writing anything. He led from behind in the health care debates. He has insulted our long-time allies and bowed and apologized to our mortal enemies. He has put ideology over law in handing Chrysler to his union cronies, authorized the sale of automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels (or refused to fire his hand-picked Attorney General for doing so without his knowledge) and sent half a billion of the reader’s hard-earned money to a solar company that made nothing but green morality tales for Obama to brag about. Character and judgment are not words one would rationally ascribe to such a person.

President Obama, unlike his predecessor, walks the walk.

The only walking Obama does consistently is on the golf course with his crony-capitalist buddies who trade millions in campaign donations for billions in government hand-outs.

He took out Osama bin Laden,

After weeks of discussion, against his Vice President’s advice, while he was on the golf course, and only after getting the location of bin Laden from the enhanced interrogation techniques he campaigned against. (Oh, and Gitmo is still open. You seem to have left that out.)

ended the wrong war in Iraq

Bush ended the war in Iraq, in victory, with the Surge, and furthermore it was Bush’s timetable to withdraw all combat units by 2009. He would have left support troops in Iraq, as Obama wanted to do before he botched the negotiations with the Iraqi government.

while he continues to move to shut down the right war in Afghanistan.

Why would he shut down “the right war?” If it is the right war, shouldn’t he be ramping it up? You might almost suspect Afghanistan as “the right war” was simply a campaign ploy to gain National Security cred among the gullible. Not that I called you gullible, Gary — although I meant to.

He has vision. He’s expanded health care for the multitudes.

Stalin had a vision too. Did you know that almost 40% of the total waivers exempting people from this miracle of compassion come from Nancy Pelosi’s tiny little district? Why would she write her friends so many exemptions from this wonderful health care that she would never have for herself or her own family? Why is the entire state of Nevada exempt? Why can’t Harry Reid share this wonderful healthcare that HE doesn’t use either? I must be missing something. Gallons of Koolaid, likely.

Our country is safe today.

Nuclear Iran will be relieved to hear you say so.

and he’s re-shaping our military forces as we move into the future.

You mean DRAMATICALLY CUTTING IT into a tinier, less effective new shape!
China is now in his cross hairs and he’s begun to shift national attention to the Far East.

Well, the only hope for our battered economic lead in the world is that you may be right, for once. If Obama can induce China to adopt his anti-growth, crippling, soul-destroying levels of taxation and regulation he will hobble them as effectively has he has hobbled America. How do you say Hope and Change! in Mandarin?

The Arab Spring might not have happened without American pressure and support.

The Arab Spring is turning into radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood take-overs, which you would know, if you read any newspapers. The result will be less freedom, more restrictive lives, less women rights, execution of homosexuals.

The one place where American support would have made a real difference — Iran — is the place where the Obama Administration has been continually and serenely silent as people got shot down in the street trying to bring down the worst threat to our country on the map today. It was the single greatest lost opportunity of the modern age. Another Obama milestone!

At Home President Obama saved the auto industry and provided stimulus to other hard hit sectors.

Wrong again. The people reading this bought and paid for Chevrolets that they don’t get to — you know — ACTUALLY DRIVE because Obama wanted to hand GM over to the unions, rather than let them go bankrupt. Again, knowing Democrats and economics, I’m going to explain that bankruptcy does not mean vaporization of the factories and firing of the workforce. It meant being able to legally renegotiate the ruinous union benefits that caused GM to lose money even on cars they SOLD. Because of “Green Economy” boondoggles like the Chevy Volt, they will eventually still go under, only they’ll take a few billion dollars of the reader’s money with them when they go.

The job situation needs attention, but you can’t create them out of thin air.

YES YOU CAN, GARY! YES YOU CAN! Jobs are created out of thin air when people are allowed to start a small business without having to spend 2 years and tens of thousands of dollars for permits. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world, and a Senate that will not pass a budget so no one knows what tax and regulations beatings you Democrats are planning just around the corner. Uncertainty is death to employment and job creation. Jobs will come OUT OF THIN AIR if liberals would take their record tax rates and regulations AND GET OUT OF THE WAY and give American entrepreneurs the feeling that there will be an opportunity for them to make money by starting a new business or growing their existing one.

Additionally, President Obama has sought to re-vitalize our manufacturing base as another attempt to increase jobs and move the economy forward.

See Solyndra, Chevy Volt, etc. above.

Besides criticism, what specifics have the Republicans advanced over the past three years that will concretely bring more jobs to America? Cuting taxes to rich benefactors is the only failed Republican plan that I can readily recollect. 

You wrote “cuting taxes…” I assume you meant “cutting” and the “cute” part of high taxes was a Freudian slip on your part. The Ryan Plan, which was shot down by Democrats, was a clear path away from the debt abyss that is destroying not only America, but the economic structure of the entire world. The debt crisis is due ENTIRELY to the fact that entitlement spending is completely unsustainable, and everybody knows it. EVERYBODY. A cursory look at the 2011 budget reveals that we could run the ENTIRE US Government — including defense — not only without any cuts but with an annual surplus, at current tax rates, if it were not for entitlement spending. You refuse to even mention it in passing because you know as well as I do that once there is no more free candy to give away, what good is a Democrat?

Your Big State, socialist policies have bankrupted not just America, but the entire world, and all you can think to do is add more debt as fast as you can ask for it. It is your Democratic Senate that has not fulfilled its duties for three years, that is intellectually fossilized, not the Republican House. Plans come from there aplenty. But even having taken us from the Richest Nation on Earth to the Brokest Nation in Human History, you STILL cannot see that either we start reducing this debt bomb NOW — as the Ryan plan does — or accelerate it until the world’s economy collapses, as is the Obama… what? “Plan” seems a little grandiose a term. Do they have a plan? Is there anywhere on their charts where this debt goes away? Or will we continue to spent one thousand billion dollars a year more than we take in?

Gary, I’m sorry to say you’re on the wrong side of the fence.

Let’s build the fence first, Gary, then we’ll see who’s on the wrong side of it.

In the days of the old west, there were the good guys and bad guys. You know it and I know it that the Republicans aren’t the ones riding the white horses. Now, more than ever, the Republicans are out of touch with time and reality.

This is what passes for argument among you people? I’ve laid down what facts I can spare in my limited time. You talk about white horses. That’s because my facts run away from your white horses, Gary. They are all on sitting on my side of the unbuilt fence, purring contentedly, along with history, reason and logic.

America needs planning that works for 300 million, not 3 million of us.

PLANNING — the Big Government, Soviet-style central socialist planning that has generated more death, misery and poverty than anything else on planet Earth, is the entire PROBLEM, Gary — not the solution. Your ideas are 100 years old and they have NEVER worked. You spent all the money there is, and you say just a little more will do it. You say it EVERY TIME.

Therein lays the difference. I’m certain your A-list of associates and friends is far more impressive than your Democratic counterpart’s,

No! No A-list liberal talent in Los Angeles! No sir! The Academy Awards is a hotbed of Conservative thinking. Did you bother to read your article before you posted it?

but what have the Republicans done lately for the other 99% of us?

Well, aside from freeing the slaves, saving the union, defeating the communists and providing unparalleled freedom, prosperity and security… nothing. Nothing except trying to stop the kind of class war, us-vs-them, divisive, infantile, Chicago-style, dirty politics that the whole publicly defecating, drug-abusing, rape and crime hotbeds that the “Occupy” movement and their 1% vs. 99% ideology represents. That’s all.

Gary Miller

The fact that you are apparently sincere about this pack of unsupported assertions, slanders, misrepresentations, omissions and inversion of facts and reality is the thing that REALLY scares me, Gary.

Gary Aminoff
San Fernando Valley Republican Club

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