9-11 The Day the Sky Fell

This Saturday will mark the ninth anniversary of the day when many of us woke up to the fact that we had been attacked, and that thousands of innocent people had been killed in Manhattan at the World Trade Center by Islamist jihadists.  This was not the first time that terrorists, in the name of Islam, had attempted to destroy the World Trade Center, and the people in it.  This was the time they succeeded.
The Day the Sky Fell

World Trade Center ManhattanMy friend, Daniel Greenfield, has written an excellent essay about September 11th, titled “The Day the Sky Fell”  I encourage you to go to his site and read it.

Some excerpts:

“That Tuesday we faced a new world. A world in which the sky fell. And some of us rose to face the challenges. And some of us fled into the comforts of the Monday that had come before, and all the days and years before it. Escaping history. Fleeing destiny. Forgetting that the world had changed, and no amount of politics as usual could make it stay the same.”   


“9/11 changed that. It tore down the sky and opened a gaping hole in the self-centered arrogance that had been the legacy of the 90’s, best exemplified by its champion, the morally ambiguous William Jefferson Clinton. It reminded us that we cannot just be satisfied with bread and circuses. That the world does not exist for our amusement. And that all views and beliefs are not created equal. That despite the ironic detachment of pop culture, there was a right and a wrong. And that despite the retreat from faith in a higher being, to a faith in our own technocratic castles in the sky, there was such a thing as good and evil. And not that we had forgotten that we were meant to be the good– evil had come to pay a call on us.”

His article is an excellent piece about 9/11 and I recommend highly that you take a couple of minutes to read it.

We ask that you will join us in remembering and celebrating the brave citizens and first responders who gave their lives on that fateful morning. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends who lost someone during that craven attack on America.

Gary Aminoff
San Fernando Valley Republican Club