Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it. – George Santayana

Cartoon from the Chicago Tribune in 1934:


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It didn’t work so well then, what makes anyone think it will work now?

One thought on “United States – 1934

  1. The 'agenda' is set and the elite are determined to take us down, make us dependent on 'them' so we will end up being the slaves. So far, we have been able to delay their plans and now the current and swift move into ascension and PEACE will escalate to wipe out the greed, corruption, hate and before the 'agenda' is realized, the great cataclysmic shift will occur. Many will finally awaken to this reality and those who do not will have their place. Make no mistake, the earth and her inhabitants must raise the vibration to LOVE – then PEACE will come. The blessing is that the vibration of LOVE is so powerful that it will not take a majority to effect the change which is ongoing this moment.


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