Happy Anniversary To Us

Well, loyal readers, it was exactly five years ago that I wrote the first post at Bear to the Right. I actually wrote three posts on that first day.

I am reposting them again:

Welcome to “Bear to the Right”

This is a new blog where I, and occasional guests, will expound on the meaning of life. Comments will not appear on a regular basis as I have a life to attend to outside of blogging. Check back for further updates.

Since when do you telegraph your next move?

Can someone explain to me why Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made the comment that Iran has nothing to fear from Israel since Israel does not intend to attack Iran’s nuclear capability?

Wouldn’t the world be a lot safer if Iran was wondering what move Israel was going to make, and when?

Just a thought.

Boxer’s “rare” opposition

Barbara Boxer, liberal Democratic Senator from California, claims her opposition to John Bolton, President Bush’s nominee for the post of Ambassador to the United Nations, is rare.

Let’s see, in addition to opposing the Bolton appointment to the UN, she has opposed the appointment of Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State, John Bolton as Under-Secretary of State, John Ashcroft for Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez for Attorney General, Theodore Olson for Solicitor General, Gale Norton for Secretary of the Interior and Michael Leavitt for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Were there any of President Bush’s significant appointments that she supported?

Rare, indeed.

So, as you can see, here we are five years later, and we are still writing about the same topics. 

Happy Anniversary to us.

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