Palestinian 11 Year Old Children Committed to Death and Destruction

This is why there can be no peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.  Until the Arabs stop this horrific child abuse and stop teaching their children that blowing up Jews is beautiful from the time they are born there will never be a peaceful solution.

Kids seek Shahada­ Martyrdom for Allah

Palestinian children: Martyrdom for Allah is preferable to life and suicide terror is natural.

Presenter: You described Shahada as something beautiful. Do you think it is beautiful?
Walla, age 11: Shahada [Martyrdom] is a very, very beautiful thing. Everyone yearns for Shahada. What could be sweeter than going to paradise?
Presenter: What is better, peace and full rights for the Palestinian people, or Shahada?
Walla: Shahada. I will achieve my rights after becoming a Shahid [Martyr].
Presenter: OK, Yussra, would you agree with that?
Yussra, age 11: Of course; Shahada is sweet. We don’t want this world, we want the Afterlife. We benefit not from this life, but from the Afterlife.
Presenter: Do you actually love death?
Yussra: Death is not Shahada.
Presenter: No, I mean the absence after death.
Yussra: No child loves death. The children of Palestine adopted the concept that Shahada is very good. Every Palestinian child, say someone aged 12, says: O Lord, I would like to become a Shahid.
Presenter: We’ve got a call, Sabrine from Ramallah.
Sabrine [telephone]: Ayyat al-Akhras was 17 when she blew herself up –
Presenter: Sabrine, are you for it or against it?
Sabrine [by telephone]: Of course I support blowing up, it is our right.
Presenter: Sabrine, now, is it natural that Ayyat al-Akhras blows herself up?
Sabrine: Of course it’s natural.

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  1. I support the Palestinians right to blow themself up, it's their right indeed and it's their life.I encourage them to do so. What's not their right is to take Israelis lives. Therefore they should blow themself up alone or during celebrations or family events.


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