Why Is The US Undermining The Sovereignty Of Israel?

By Gary A. Aminoff

Here are a few questions that I would like answers to:

When was the last time a sovereign nation announced urban planning decisions in its principal city and had the wrath of the United States rain down upon it?

What right does the Secretary of State have to declare the decision by the City of Jerusalem to allow the construction of 1,600 housing units “insulting” to the United States?

Why is the United States interfering in the right of a nation to conduct its business and provide housing for its residents?

The degrading treatment of a sovereign country by the United States is intolerable to all who believe in the right of nations to govern their own countries.   It is especially troubling to American Jews who wonder why their government is treating Israel differently than it treats any other country?

The answer, of course, lies with the troubled political position of President Barack Obama.  Obama, apparently having no coherent foreign policy, having alienated many of our allies, along with taking actions that make the United States appear weak and indecisive, needs a foreign policy “win.”

He, like many on the left, have delusions that the real reason the Palestinian Arabs won’t make peace with Israel is because of…..settlements.  Those who know the truth would double over in laughter at the thought, if the matter weren’t so serious.

The political naivete demonstrated by this administration, from the President to the Vice President to the Secretary of State to Special Ambassador Mitchell is astounding.  They clearly have no understanding of what motivates the Palestinians.  They think it is (wait for it)…the settlements.

The truth is, and everyone clearly knows this except our brilliant administration, that if Israel were to decide to destroy every settlement in the West Bank or all the housing in Jerusalem there would still be no peace with the Arabs.

Wake up Secretary Clinton, housing of residents of Jerusalem has NOTHING to do with whether the Arabs make peace with Israel or not.  Israel gave up ALL of its settlements, and moved ALL of its population out of Gaza.  Did that make a difference to the Arabs?  Did it result in peace?  Of course not!

They are playing our administration for fools.  The housing issue is simply a “red herring” that enables them to avoid negotiating with Israel.  Danny Danon, a member of the Israeli Knesset had this to say today,

“Secretary Clinton recently embraced the task of helping solve shipping problems of American food products to our shores, yet condemns our right to build homes for Jews in the city of Jerusalem. Jews living in Jerusalem is why Israel exists as a Jewish state. With all due respect, Madam Secretary, forget the gefilte fish for Passover and support our inalienable rights to the Jewish homeland, Israel.”

Here is the bottom line and why there will never be peace anytime soon between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

The goal of the Palestinians, whether they are led by Hamas or by Abbas, is not peace with Israel.  It is the total destruction of Israel and its disappearance from the Middle East along with all of the Jews.

You can call for whatever talks you want to arrange.  No amount of talking will result in peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs in our lifetime.  Perhaps a new generation of Arabs who are not taught to hate Jews from the time of their birth will be able to accept Israel in the region.  But, like the Jews after the exodus from Egypt, it will take a full 40 years for that generation to come into power.

I will tell you one way that peace could occur tomorrow from the Israeli point of view.  Have the Arabs declare that they recognize the State of Israel and that they agree to stop bombing Israel or attacking Jews.  Achieve that, and you will achieve instant peace.  Since we all know the Arabs will never do that…..we also know there will be no peace.

It is counter-productive for the US to put pressure on Israel.  Israel is not only a sovereign country, it is a democracy, it supports the US and the West, and it is a country which produces innovative products that make our everyday life easier and safer.  The medical achievements that have come out of Israel in the past 20 years have saved an untold number of American lives.

To attempt to humiliate or subjugate Israel for domestic political gain is behavior which is not worthy of the long history and special relationship between the United States and Israel.

Gary Aminoff is the President of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club and is a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition.  He is a commercial real estate broker practicing in Beverly Hills.

4 thoughts on “Why Is The US Undermining The Sovereignty Of Israel?

  1. The Obama Administration realizes that peace between Israel and the so-called Palestinians is not possible as long as the goal of the Arabs is to eradicate Israel. Since the sympathies of the Obama Administration have never been with Israel they choose to take advantage of a crises, real or imagined.

    The audacity of this administration to be able to dictate Israel’s land use is just another example of the self-proclaimed elite and superior status of those now running America. Their premises of legality to dictate to Israel is as falls as the proclamations in the Koran that Muslims have the right to dictate to those of other and non-faiths.

    This administration’s goal to be the leader of a world government has to comply with all the elites of Europe wanting a world government. This is quite evident to critical thinkers. What is not evident, or just being ignored, is that the world leaders have paved the way for Islamic and Sharia rule in just about all of Europe. The socialist leaders don’t care about this since they feel that strong enough to defeat any opposition. This was true when Hitler made agreements with the Soviet Union and is true now when Chavez makes deals with the Iranian regime. Neither side intends to keep the bargain.

    The answer to your question is simple. It is part of a plan to eliminate democratic countries as they make a move for world domination. Once the democracies of the world are eliminated, the socialists will be at each other’s throats.

    The survival of Israel is of paramount importance in the struggle for freedom and liberty. Israel’s destruction is same as the destruction of a free press in America, elimination of congressional oversight to who runs America (Czars), and replacement of our military with a “Civilian National Security” force. It is part of the attack on our Constitution, which established a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.


  2. Right on, Gary. I emailed the office of the Secretary of State this morning to criticize this foolishness. I am amazed how stupid and silly our administration is acting – these US leaders going on, and on, and on… It looks like Netanyahu is taking it all in stride and with a good sense of humor. Netanyahu says “relax”, and that is good advice.


  3. Dear Mr. Aminoff

    Here are a couple of thoughts I have in response to your “Why is the U.S. undermining the sovereignty of Israel”.

    Israel, if it intends to exist in the future needs to break off all ties with the U.S. government and pull out of the United Nations. Israel needs to focus on its own sovereignty and independence. No other nation would tolerate another nation dictating how it provides for its population.

    I think you will agree if you indulge me by reading this.

    1. Most of the major powers on earth have long ago struggled and determined their geographic borders. There were various alliances which almost always fell apart. America sees itself as a civilized and cosmopolitan country keeping the peace throughout the world. We have become so civilized we cannot even defend our own borders. Israel must move to permanently define its national territory and defend it. Arabs play a waiting game, they will continue to exert pressure assuming that Israel will eventually crumble. I think the nation of Israel has shown remarkable restraint and continued to work toward a peace in the region without giving away the farm. I also believe it is time for the United States to leave both NATO and the UN.

    2. Israel should keep in the back of its head how things turned out for the South Vietnamese. The United States just cannot be counted on as an ally when things get tough. The nation of Israel should simply align itself with the Jewish people. Providing for their needs and security. You would be surprised as to how many non-Jews, ( Christian for lack of a better classification), would leave today if Israel put out the call.

    3. Israel as a government needs work on its own to normalize and maintain trade with neighboring Arab states. From my experience the one thing Arab people love more than a grudge is commerce. You and all the Jewish people on the planet are not going to erase thousands of years of teachings.

    As a closing thought, Israel and her supporters should work hard to improve the quality of life for Arabs, and Palestinians living both in the occupied areas and near her borders. If they are within Israel’s borders the should be treated and defended as no less that any other citizen of Israel. The term “occupied” should be dropped and the regions become part of the Nation of Israel.


  4. Bibi is a Lion. Hear him roar!!
    He was elected to defend the people of Israel NOT apologize for them. End of story.
    why can't americans understand the arabs mental illness which consummes their total being the far beyond anamosity they carry daily towards their neighbors.
    Their problem is that they would rather perish by blowing themselves up than acknowledge the the existance oftheir”brothers” Say I love you and be done with it. This family feud got so much politized that it got out of everybodies hands . Ithink they should have everybody out of the way. Hillary for started and let the whole thing be setled by the heads of the three religions.I say they will not get out of that room until they pronounce”HabemosSolution”
    Raja If not they can go to Saudi Arabia.where they originally came from. Why kill your self for a speck of sand when you gazillion tons you left in Saoud. I don't get it. Do you? actually Israel is doing them a favor by letting them stay there, work there, get welfare and medical assistance,go to college, do sports and many other things. Hello where have you been?. Isral is not what the media is making you think it is. Travel darn it and see for yourselfves.

    Thank you Gary for the article


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