U.S. Taxpayers Pay to Promote Middle East History Revision

Arlene Kushner, writing in the Washington Times explains how the U.S. Government (meaning U.S. Taxpayers) have funded a 39 page glossy “Palestine Guide Book” just released by the Palestine Authority in which Israel doesn’t exist.

The U.S. government, via the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has provided support for a glossy 39-page “Palestine Guide Book.” Just released by the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Tourism, it declares on its first page, “Palestine lies between the Mediterranean Coast and the Jordan River.” Not until Page 10 are we informed – under the heading “Country” – that “Palestine comprises the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.”

Ms. Kushner then provides a history of the area which history is ignored in the Palestine Guide Book.

The PA, awash in internal politics that are neither moderate nor conciliatory, has been displeased consistently with negotiations – despite some extraordinarily generous offers. It thus suits the PA to create “facts” unilaterally, making its case to the international community rather than at a negotiating table.

This booklet promotes fallacious positions that defy a major U.N. Security Council resolution and a written agreement between Israel and the PLO – both of which require negotiations for determination of final status for Palestinian Arabs.

It is unsettling to see the USAID logo on the back cover, but it is no accident.

Magdouline Slameh, head of the PA Ministry of Tourism Department of Materials and Translation, expressed gratitude to this writer for the wonderful support provided by USAID. She said her staff wrote the booklet in close cooperation with the USAID offices in Ramallah.

Go here to read the whole article.

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