News Release from the Republican Party of Los Angeles County:


Los Angeles County Defeats Propositions 1A-1E
and Elects Tina Park, Carmen Trutanich

Strong Message Sent to State Government

Los Angeles, CA – May 20, 2009 – Los Angeles County sent a clear message to state legislators in yesterday’s election. Strongly rejecting a contrived budget remedy that did little to curtail runaway spending and sought to further burden Californians with an additional $16 Billion in taxes in Propositions 1A-1E.

Voters soundly rejected the legislation, saying enough is enough, go back to the drawing board, and implement real fiscal strategies for a better future, not gimmicks that do not address the systemic problems that plague us year after year. Chair of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, Jane Barnett said; “Today we relish a small victory for all taxpayers of the State of California. Now our legislature must exercise the same restraints they ask of you, me and our families.” Chair Barnett said, “We cannot spend money we don’t have.” A good lesson for all forms of Government.

In other races, Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich won his race for City Attorney of Los Angeles defeating a Villaraigosa-endorsed Democrat, Jack Weiss.

In addition, Tina Park handily won her race defeating Democrat-incumbent Angela Reddock for the Community College Board of Trustees, Seat #2.

Jane Barnett says; “We expect that Tina will be vigilant, assuring that recent Prop J bond monies are not wasted like previous taxpayer dollars spent by the Community College Board. ”


Press Contact:
Ashley Ingram
Executive Director