Just have time to jot a quick thought. A few minutes ago I was listening to Andrea Mitchell of NBC (Don’t ask why)interviewing someone (can’t remember and its not relevant) during which she seemed perplexed about who these people were who committed the terrorist atrocities in Mumbai.

“Do we know anything about these people,” she asked? “Do we know where they are from? Do we know what they want? What do we know about this group?

Either Andrea Mitchell is a) as dumb as a box of rocks, b) completely naive, or c) is in denial.

I will answer the question, Andrea.

These people are called Islamic Jihadists. They are part of a world-wide group of Muslims who believe that violent Jihad will bring about subjugation of all non-Muslim countries under a world Islamic Caliphate. It doesn’t matter if we have heard of a particular group that they claim they are, or whether they are from Pakistan or not. All of the terrorist violence around the world is the result of terrorism perpetrated by Islamic Jihadists, whatever particular name they give to their group or whatever country they are from.

We in the modern West are at war. We are at war with Islamists who want to subjugate us.

It is really very simple. Stop trying to be so politically correct, Andrea and your fellow newscasters. Don’t be so afraid to offend Muslims by calling the Islamist terrorists by their true name. Muslims who don’t believe that violent Jihad is acceptable know who the terrorists are, and deplore them as well.


2 thoughts on “Andrea Mitchell of NBC: Dumb, Naive or in Denial?

  1. The real question here is she serious in asking. The answer is a & b. Her education consisted of looking for reasons why people do bad things and what have the rest of us done to cause them to act this way. She has been thought that there has to be am external cause for bad things happening. It is never the fault of the perpetrator. These stupid questions will constantly be asked until people are educated to the fact that bad deeds are the fault of those doing them and that they need to be punished.


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