Vik Rubenfeld has some possible answers to four mysteries about Obama:

There are some strange mysteries about Obama, which he is stonewalling everybody on. Let’s look into them.

Mystery #1: Why, as editor of Harvard Law Review, did he never publish one single article, even though publishing articles in the Harvard Law Review can be key to success for a legal career?

Mystery #2: Why, fresh out of college, did he give up his $50k a year job in NY to move suddenly to Chicago, where he didn’t know anybody?

Mystery #3: How can it be that in Chicago, with no experience other than community organizing, Obama was appointed Chairman of the Board of a commission that gave away $50 million?

Mystery #4: How can it be that Obama does not have one life-long friend who can step forward and vouch for his character during this Presidential campaign?

Read the article where Vik gives his answers to the mysteries.