On Sunday, September 21st, supporters of the McCain-Palin campaign marched through the Upper West Side of Manhattan carrying McCain-Palin signs and American flags.

Since the Upper West Side of Manhattan is the home of the elite, the intellectuals and academics, you would think that they would love to hear all points of view and discuss them in a rational, intellectual way. Not exactly.

The People’s Cube has a video of the walk and the response from the happy denizens of the UWS.

A group of McCain-Palin supporters dare to march through the Upper West Side – and are met with hatred and rage for being infidels in the heart of liberal Mecca. Republicans are as out of place there as elephants at a donkey show. Area intellectuals jeer them well – just as they had been taught to do. FACT: The number of middle fingers in the “progressive” crowd is directly proportional to the number of PhD degrees in the ten-block radius.

To a liberal, the definition of unity is the elimination of dissent from their point of view.


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