Tony Dolz wrote an article on Kosovo’s declared independence, titled “Separatist Movements Eyes are on Kosovo – Independence May Fuel Wars Worldwide”, in which he makes the assertion that allowing Kosovo to declare itself independent may have worldwide repercussions.


Kosovo insurgents declared independence from Serbia, Sunday, February 18, 2008. In Europe alone there are 23 separatist movements in the balance of renewed flare ups. Many anxious Europeans can hear in their heads war plans being made in a plethora of ethnic minority languages and accents as real as if they were present in the room.

Who hasn’t been on vacation in Spain and not worried ever so slightly about becoming an accidental victim of Basque separatist terror?

This past weekend the Turkish government clashed with Kurdish Separatist (Kurdish Worker’s Party) leaving 41 Kurds and 2 Turkish soldiers dead. While also the same weekend Muslim Pattani United Liberation Separatists claim responsibility for bombs that left several people dead in Thailand.

He continues:

Will this recognition of separatist independence ignite a firestorm in Turkish Northern Cyprus? Are we going to see Georgia go up in flame torn by separatist violence? Will the Serbians living in Kosovo’s northern part now declare their independence and will America, which has disrespected Serbia’s territorial integrity, be forced to protect militarily the territorial integrity of the ludicrous independent Kosovo, a country that has never existed before last Sunday?

Are we prepared to risks peace and stability in Europe in order to reward ethnic Albanian Muslim terrorist’s for their takeover of Serbia’s ancestral homeland, the province of Kosovo?

Muslim Albanians civilians have burned many Christian churches, forced Serbians to flee the province and terrorized those that remained. Law enforcement by the United Nation forces have been colossally ineffective at maintaining the peace and to complicate matters the Muslim terrorists who grappled the province from Serbia were given police roles by the UN protectorate. Under UN protection the insurgents also have control of the Parliament. This is like assigning the mice to guard the cheese.

The recognition of independent Kosovo by the United States, in my opinion, was a mistake. Kosovo has always been part of Serbia, and declared its independence so that the Muslims of Kosovo could have their own Islamic state in the middle of Europe. It will not be long, I believe, before Serbian Christians find themselves having to leave Kosovo or risk their lives in a country which will not tolerate religions other than Islam.


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