The Republican Party of Los Angeles County Announces that
John Kanaley wins primary election in 37th Congressional District.

John Kanaley, in a race with three other Republican candidates on June 26th in the 37th Congressional District emerged as the highest vote-getter among Republicans and will face Laura Richardson (D) in a final election on August 21st.

John is to be congratulated on his success. It is now up to us as grass-roots Republicans to do all we can to support John and his candidacy. We need phone banks, precinct walks and whatever help we can give John to help him win his race.

About John Kanaley

John is married, has two adult daughters and an 18 month old son.

He has lived in Long Beach all his life and served 16 years in the Long Beach Police Department. John has also served in the Armed Forces for 22 years, and recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq, where he was awarded the Bronze Star and other medals and ribbons.

You can find out more about John, his biography and where he stands on the issues on his web site.

John Kanaley’s goals are:

-Add support in Congress for the War on Terror from somebody who served in Iraq

-Support the Republican Party in its effort to regain control of Congress in 2008

-Ensure that the concerns of Long Beach are heard in Congress from a Long Beach native

-Make the tax cuts permanent

-Promote business at all levels in Long Beach, Carson, Compton and throughout the district.

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County is committed to do everything we can to help John Kanaley be the next representative for the citizens of the 37th Congressional District. For more information or to find out how you can help John’s campaign, please contact John’s campaign.

Let’s all mobilize to support John in this important race.