Teaching children to choose death – not life

When you have a culture whose children are taught from birth that it is better in the afterlife than in this life, you create a people who do not value life, and who seek death as “martyrs.”

This is the cruel manipulation of children. It is abusive to teach children to believe that they should prefer death over life.

Judeo-Christian societies are taught that God tells us to “Choose life.”

Do you wonder what the future of these beautiful children could be, versus what it most certainly will be? Do you wonder about the health of a culture that will sacrifice its children in pursuit of world domination? How does such a sick culture with 7th Century ideology persist in the 21st Century? These are questions we all will have to address at some point.

One thought on “Teaching children to choose death – not life

  1. The Way to Win the War on TerrorWe can help defeat the extremists by admitting to their intentions as noted above. Denying it only allows it to fester.I am convinced that this is the only long term way to win the war on terror. It is but a mustard seed, and will take time to grow. But if you are serious, and if you pray for God’s power in your actions to carry out His commands on this matter, I think He will hear and honor our prayers.< HREF="http://mdcyguy.blogspot.com/2006/08/way-to-win-war-on-terror.html" REL="nofollow">Read Full Post. . . <>Have a great weekend!


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