The future of Iraq

I just had to post this from the Egyptian Sandmonkey:

A meeting on the future of Iraq was held in Cairo, at the Institute of Strategic and Futuristic studies. There was a representitive there from every Iraqi political faction: Maliki people, Allawi people, Talbani people, Sistani people, you name it.

The Sistani and Sadr representitives were sitting side by side, both dressed in their Shia cleric Batman outfits, and when it was their turn to speak, they opted both to have one of them speak a unified position. This is what they said:

“A lot of you have expressed concern over the Future of Iraq. We would like to announce that despite everything, we are not worried at all about the future of Iraq. This is because the Mahdi is bound to re-appear very soon and save us all from all that is happening. As we speak, he is sitting in his cave, with milk on his left, and honey on his right!”

Ever get the feeling that the world is run by utterly insane people?

We are going to have to deal with this kind of reasoning in our ongoing battle with Islamic jihadists. In other words, there is no rational discussion that will win them over, only force.