Move America Forward, led my Melanie Morgan, a conservative radio talk show host, has formed a movement to censure Jimmy Carter for creating the conditions during his presidency that led to the formation of Islamofacism, and for his support of anti-American regimes around the world. In her essay in World Net Daily, Morgan writes:

There’s a raging battle going on right now for the future of the Middle East and one man is doing his dead-level best to undermine our security needs and objectives in this volatile region.

What is most scary of all is that man will cost American lives as a result of his foolish and dangerous actions.

Yes, that one man is Jimmy Carter, and it’s time to stop him.

Specifically, the Congress of the United States (as the people’s representative) must issue a resolution of censure against Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter, by abandoning the support of the Shah of Iran when Islamic radicals were rioting in the streets, allowed Ayotoallah Khomeini and his Islamic extremists take over Iran.

As Morgan states:

Who can forget Jimmy Carter’s true legacy: The impotent do-nothing policy in response to the Islamic fundamentalist crisis in Iran that led directly to waves of revolutionary fervor and ended in a 444-day hostage crisis.

Henry Precht, the State Department’s country director for Iran during the Iranian crisis admits that the failures in Iran by the Carter administration allowed for Islamofacism to reach new heights.

“There had never been an Islamic revolution” prior to the Iranian situation, Precht acknowledged to the Middle East Journal.

When Jimmy Carter piously backed away from the Shah’s regime in Iran, as Islamic revolutionaries were rioting in the streets, he sentenced the world to a pandemic of Islamic extremist violence for decades to come.

The Iranian military officials who were loyal to the shah (and anti-communist and opposed to the religious extremism of Khomeini) were working to quell the uprising by the Islamic revolutionaries. However, Jimmy Carter used his presidential authority, instructing the Iranian military officials to withdraw their support for the shah, and allowing Khomeini to seize power.

We are all now condemned to suffering the consequences of Carter’s miserable failure in Iran.

She continues:

When Palestinian terrorist groups were setting off suicide bombs in Israel to slaughter innocent civilians, Carter’s response was to go to the Middle East and condemn not the terrorists, but the Israeli government for not playing nice with the terrorists.

When Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, announced he would pay the families of Palestinian terrorists $25,000 for each suicide bombing committed against Israeli citizens, Carter responded by defending Hussein and fighting to lift the U.N. sanctions imposed on Iraq.

Carter went so far as to welcome Iraqi intelligence agent, Samir Vincent, into Carter’s Atlanta area home and treated him to a night on the town. Samir Vincent even became a business associate of Jimmy Carter’s friends in a business venture called “A World of Friends.”

In the most recent elections in the Palestinian territory, Carter rushed to the team to serve as an election observer, hoping to get a little more time in the limelight from the liberal media that loves to promote his “Blame America First” mentality.

Just as he had praised the electoral process that Hugo Chavez had manipulated to achieve power in Venezuela, Carter heralded the Palestinian elections that brought to power the terrorist group, Hamas, as a model for others to follow.

Hamas has called for a nuclear strike against Israel that would wipe it off the map. Despite the fact that they are the most violent and deadly of the Palestinian terrorist groups, they nonetheless have no greater ally or spokesperson in the United States than Jimmy Carter.

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If you are interested in supporting the Censure Jimmy Carter movement, go here and read more.

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  1. He was the same dumb cluck who gave us long gas lines, 18% inflation, high unemployment, and told us to wear sweaters at home to stay warm.He was incompetent then. And clearly is still incompetent. A Lying Liberal through and through


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