Congratulations to Michael Tenenbaum

Sometimes life takes strange turns. Michael Tenenbaum a young lawyer and active Republican in Ventura County, decided a few days ago to run for Congress against another Republican, Elton Gallegly. Expecting a tough fight, Tenenbaum nonetheless thought he could beat Gallegly for the seat.

On Friday afternoon, Gallegly decided not to run, leaving the field open for Tenenbaum, but effectively closing the door on any other Republican who wanted to run, since the filing deadline was 5:00pm on Friday.

For a detailed report on why Gallegly decided not to run and what it means read Jon Fleishman’s article in FlashReport, “CD24: Gallegly’s selfish maneuver is Tenenbaum’s good fortune”

Tenenbaum heads up the Republican Jewish Coalition in Ventura County and has been an active Republican in the County. He was appointed to the State Central Committee by Leslie Cornejo, Chairman of the Ventura County Republican Party.

Congratulations to Michael Tenenbaum. He will make a great Congressman.