I am attending the California Republican Party convention in San Jose this weekend. Aside from the usual “schmoozing” and catching up with other Republicans one hasn’t seen since the last convention, we heard Gov. Schwartzenegger give a bland general speech on Friday night that did not really address the concerns of conservatives.

I just left the luncheon where Tom McClintock, the candidate for Lt. Governor and the candidate most revered by the party, gave a resounding talk where he enumerated the principles of the Party. He said, “When we have stood by our principles we have won. In the end, if we don’t stand by our principles, what have we won?”

He went on to list the accomplishments of Schwartenegger during his term in office, and there have been some real accomplishments. He called for unity in the Party reminding the delegates that Ronald Reagan used to say that someone who agrees with you 80% of the time is your 80% friend, not your 20% enemy.

Tom is charismatic, principled, conservative and will make a great Governor of California at some point.

More details of the convention, and my thoughts, later. I just wanted to give a brief review of what has taken place so far.