A lesson for America from Australia?

In country after country where Muslims reside they are trying to get those countries to adopt Shari’a law. That is, the laws laid down in the Koran for Muslims to follow. There is no distinction in Shari’a between “church” and state. Muslims believe that Shari’a governs all of a Muslim’s activities, public and private, 24 hours a day. In Canada, and various countries of Europe, special Muslim courts have already been established that rule using Shari’a. Muslims in Europe are trying to get Norway and other countries to adopt Shari’a as the law of the land.

Australia is taking a different tack, that I would think could be a model for the United States. This article is from CNSnews.com

Adopt Our Values or Go Home, Foreign-Born Muslims Told
By Patrick Goodenough
CNSNews.com International Editor
February 24, 2006

(CNSNews.com) – Australian Muslims already unhappy with Prime Minister John Howard’s criticism about Islamic radicalism are bristling at even tougher comments from the man likely to succeed him, who says any Muslim immigrant who can’t accept Australian values should leave.

Anyone wanting to live under Islamic law (shari’a) might feel more comfortable living in countries where it is applied, such as Saudi Arabia or Iran, federal Treasurer Peter Costello said in an address to the Sydney Institute, a think tank.

In a pledge of allegiance, immigrants taking on Australian citizenship declare: “I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people, whose democratic beliefs I share, whose rights and liberties I respect and whose laws I will uphold and obey.”

Costello said that anyone “who does not acknowledge the supremacy of civil law laid down by democratic processes cannot truthfully take the pledge of allegiance. As such they do not meet the pre-condition for citizenship.”

Any Muslim planning to immigrate to Australia should first consider its values.

“Before entering a mosque visitors are asked to take off their shoes,” Costello said. “This is a sign of respect. If you have a strong objection to walking in your socks don’t enter the mosque.

“Before becoming an Australian you will be asked to subscribe to certain values. If you have strong objection to those values, don’t come to Australia.”

The debate in Australia over Islam and its more radical adherents has been picking up steadily since 9/11, becoming more urgent after 88 Australians were killed when Islamists bombed an Indonesian tourist resort in 2002, and focusing increasingly on homegrown extremists after last July’s London bombings, carried out by British-born Muslims.

Costello, who is widely expected to take over the leadership of Howard’s conservative Liberal party within the next couple of years, said anyone applying for citizenship who rejects the notion of living under a democratic legislature and obeying the laws it makes, poses a threat to the rights and liberties of others, and should be refused citizenship.

If foreign-born Muslims who have already become Australian citizens, having not been able honestly to take the citizenship pledge, they should be stripped of their Australian nationality if they also have citizenship of some other country.

In cases where Muslims were born in Australia and did not have dual citizenship, there was a difficulty.

“In these cases we have on our hands citizens who are apparently so alienated that they do not support what their own country stands for. Such alienation could become a threat to the rights and liberties of others.”

Costello said for such Muslims it was important that the government engage respected leaders for help in explaining Australian values.

“Ultimately, however, it is important that they know that there is only one law and it is going to be enforced whether they acknowledge its legitimacy or not.”
Costello also made a point of saying that among Australian values were tolerance of difference and the protection of the rights and liberties of all.

While he did not like artworks mocking Christianity, galleries that displayed them “should be able to practice their offensive taste without fear of violence or a riot.”

Muslims, too, must recognize that their opposition to newspapers publishing pictures depicting Mohammed does not justify violence.

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I hope our leaders have not been so corrupted by the failed policy of multiculturism and the fear of offending Muslims that they lack the courage to take a similar position in the United States.

[Hat tip: Dick McDonald]

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