The Mohammed Cartoons

Michelle has a comprehensive analysis of the Mohammed cartoon brouhaha.

The description and explanation of the cartoons is here.

Look, I understand that Muslims are forbidden from depiciting the Prophet because it violates Sharia law. Since when does Sharia apply to those of us who aren’t Muslim?

Ok, if it is offensive to Muslims, let them express their anger and move on. How many times have Jews been depicted in offensive ways? You don’t see Jews threatening to kill the publisher.

And, of course, we knew it wouldn’t be long until the “Zionists” were blamed for the cartoons.

UPDATE: Ansar al-Islam, an Islamist group based in Norway has declared war against Denmark and Norway. Just one more from the “Religion of Peace.”

Michelle has created a video about the Mohammed cartoons, called “First they Came.” It is worth viewing.

LGF explains why Muslims are so sensitive.

4 thoughts on “The Mohammed Cartoons

  1. Gary,Thanks for posting on this subject. I agree.Certain Muslims have a lot of maturing to do if they want to assimilate into Western countries. They need to acquire a “live and let live” attitude, which is the hallmark of a democratic society. More to the point, they need a sense of humor.Another example of the dangers of ideology.Howard


  2. Well, if I can jump in here with my 2 cents, I think that what Howard meant to say is that if Muslims are going to live in the modern world, especially in countries in the West, then they have to be prepared to be offended from time to time without having a religious uprising.There have been many cartoons depicting both Jews and Christians offensively that have been published in newspapers without Jews or Christians calling for the beheading of the publisher.The fact is that Islam, if it wants to exist in the modern world, needs to “lighten up” to use a current phrase.


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