The hidden secret of the Democratic Party

Clark Baker writes a well-documented essay on the history of the Democratic Party and the secret it does not want disclosed: The Democratic Party was responsible for the lynching and oppression of Blacks (who were mainly Republicans) in the 19th and 20th Century.

Here is an excerpt:

Like my antagonist and many other Americans, public schools taught me that white people had enslaved blacks and that their progeny were entitled to relief. I didn’t question this, although it didn’t square with my ancestors who fought to end slavery 150 years ago. If whites were guilty, why did two million of them interrupt their lives to fight the bloodiest war in American history to free slaves owned by Southern Democrats? If this was a white-against-black thing, why did whites fight the Civil War against other whites?

The answer is that the Civil War wasn’t between whites and blacks, but between Republicans who wanted to end slavery, and Democrats who did not. And as ugly as the Democratic Party’s roots and legacy of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, and Disenfranchisement is, why does the party still exist today?

The first clue of this information blackout comes directly from Democrats. Although the Republican Party proudly discloses their Abolitionist roots on their website, the Democratic Party (DNC) website ignores their slavery agenda, excluding the entire period between 1848 and the 20th Century. Instead, the DNC boasts the “longest running political organization in the world”, the “Democratic cause” (slavery) and their dominance in urban (e.g., black) politics – as if Democrats had nothing to do with the brutality used to round up blacks.

Read the whole essay. It is very enlightening.

3 thoughts on “The hidden secret of the Democratic Party

  1. That’s not a secret. Everyone who follows political history knows that the old democratic party was the party of Southern Racism until the Kennedy Era. Just like the Republican Party used to be for small, state-centered government before Ronald Reagan.The problem is most Americans don’t follow political history.


  2. Gary,Another interesting related item is something my father told me about. Before government welfare existed, poor people got help from their neighbors, local private charities and churches. Though they were poor, their nuclear families remained mainly intact.Since the government stepped in and took over the welfare business, the families of poor and especially blacks were decimated. Much of the destruction of families was caused by the rules in place that restricted aid if an unemployed man lived in the household, and additional monies paid out per child.Eventually we ended up with the crisis in the (poor) black community we have today, a very high unmarried birthrate and fewer families.In effect the program itself created a dependant constituancy, and encouraged it to vote along party lines to protect it’s meager lifeline.This is a more insidious form of slavery than the one that existed prior to the civil war, but it is a form of slavery none the less.


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