David Letterman – Discourteous and ignorant

In an article in the American Thinker, Bob Weir points out the level of discourse that prevails now in American television.

“Sixty percent of what you say is crap,” said David Letterman to his guest, Bill O’Reilly. Sadly, this is the level to which dialogue in America has fallen. Here we have a man who is the host of a major late-night show on national television, and he is rude to someone he invited as a guest. From the moment O’Reilly sat down opposite the CBS clown, he was peppered with insults and accusations about how he orchestrates his top-rated cable news program, The O’Reilly Factor.

In the first exchange, Letterman criticized O’Reilly’s support of the tradition that makes Christmas the reason for the season. When the Factor host provided evidence of the systematic attempt by some schools and large retail stores to remove Christ from the landscape, the suddenly acerbic comic began his attack. “I just think that people like you are trying to make us think it’s a threat,” he said. When his guest gave more examples of the erosion of the values upon which this country is founded, he was practically called a liar. “I don’t believe you, I think you‘re making it up,” responded Letterman. The New York audience, made up mostly of liberal fans of the show, responded like trained seals, applauding vigorously at every critical comment made by the host.

Letterman is typical of those on the left who can’t provide rational arguments for their anti-war, anti-Bush political position, and who live in a liberal bubble thinking the whole country thinks like them.

Weir concludes with:

Yes, it must be tough to stay in the good graces of powerful celebrities, but one sure way to be invited to all the right Beverly Hills soirees or New York ACLU cocktail parties is to attack anyone who supports the virtues of religion or love of country. Surely, O’Reilly knew he was going to be a Christian thrown to the lions when he walked out on that stage, but he had the guts to do it. Letterman wouldn’t understand that, but he turned out to be right about one thing; he’s not smart enough to debate O’Reilly.