On Vacation

I will be on vacation outside the country until November 30th so the posting for the next week will be rather light, if at all. See you when I get back on the 1st of December, although it is possible I will find myself compelled to post something while I am gone.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We have a lot to be thankful for in America. God Bless our military forces for protecting our liberty and freedom.

One thought on “On Vacation

  1. Gary, we are winning the war in Iraq. President Bush has been clear all along. We will be there until there is Victory. And the steps being taken with votes and a Constitution and with the Iraqi people turning against the terrorists demonstrates our winning ways. The Iraqis are taking over their own defense. After the successful election next month, our troops will start coming home. And it a war well worth hanging in there until we are Victorious.


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