The Decline and Fall of the MSM

The Mainstream Media in the United States have failed in their mission to bring the news to the American people. There are good reasons why circulation of newspapers and newsmagazines is diving. TV news viewing is down everywhere except at Fox News.

Why? Because the MSM do not report the news. They report what they want you to know.

For example, have you seen anywhere in the MSM that the riots and burning in France are done by Muslims? No. They report about “disaffected youth” and “unemployment in the suburbs.” Why don’t they tell you that it is Muslims causing the destruction?

As Reliapundit puts it so well after reporting about the destruction of synagogues in France by Muslims:

I just did a word search at BBC, on synagogue, and it turned up ZERO relevant responses. DITTO GOOGLE NEWS and DITTO THE NYTIMES and DITTO NEWSNOW.CO.UK (another news search engine). This further proves a deliberate attempt to censor the truth by the MSM.

ALSO: The recent PIRATE ATTACK on the cruise ship off the coast of Somalia… NOT ONE MSM outlet said that these pirates are Muslim. (In general they avoid this truth.) Well: piracy has long been a Muslim specialty – REMEMBER THE BARBARY COAST, ANYONE?!

WHY DOES THE MSM DO THIS? For the same reason that Chirac and Villepin think that throwing more money at the islamothugs will work: The MSM – (and France and the Left) – are captives of multiculturalism; therefore they deny that we are fighting another culture, one which has declared a religious war against us – and all the other “non-believers.”

No matter what we say or don’t say, no matter what we do, or don’t do, because our enemies have initiated – and are waging – a religious war, IT IS ONE – whether we like it or not.

The sooner we accept that and target the REAL enemy, the sooner we will win.

Bush gets this. In his last big speech on the war he used the term islamofascist. When Chirac does he will have become a true ally. Until then he – and his cronies – are nothing more than cowardly appeasing surrender monkies. Whether they eat cheese or not.

The American Thinker says

And while this may shock Tim Russert and Chris Matthews, this is a bigger story than Lewis Libby’s alleged perjury, or Joe Wilson’s latest charges. But it puts Europe, not America or George Bush, in a bad light, so for the mainstream media, it is sheer agony for this to be the big story. On Sunday the Paris story did not make the New York Times front page.

It got one column on the front page Monday, almost unavoidable at this point. Regrettably for the Times, no CIA leaker can pin these events on Bush. It is hard not to smirk a bit at all this. Karl Rove was not indicted. A brilliant conservative judge is likely to get approved for the Supreme Court for the second time in a few months. And Europe’s social and racial tensions are now on display, not America’s, and the story is forcing its way onto the TV screens and front pages. All of a sudden, life is unfair for Pinch Sulzberger and his minions. George Bush was to go up in flames this Fall, not Paris.

And the newspapers are wondering why circulation is dropping.

2 thoughts on “The Decline and Fall of the MSM

  1. Gary,I’m glad you made the distinction between the mainstream media and Fox. The latter is definitely a mouthpiece for the Right. And that’s not my opinion. Fox is not shy about saying so.As for other news outlets, I read the NYTimes, the WSJ, the Economist, Atlantic, and scan the online versions of the Washington Post and the LA Times, among others. The French riots are well covered.I agree that newspapers circulations are declining, but fortunately it’s not for the reasons you state. People just don’t read anymore. They watch TV or go online.But what really disturbs me with this latest post is the blatant prejudice it reveals. Your sources are not “mainstream news.” It’s pure opinion, which is fine. I have no quibble with editorialists.The reason for the rioting in France is so much more complicated that just “radical Islamists.” The French are learning the hard way the costs of encouraging immigration without the benefits of assimilation, a problem we have happily avoided in this country.Howard


  2. Howard,I agree that the root cause is the non-assimilation of the Muslims in France. From what I can tell there are non-assimilationists on both sides (France-Muslims). I think all of Europe will have to look at how they related to their immigrant Muslim population and perhaps rethink that relationship.We haven’t totally avoided non-assimilation in this country, but we have done better than most countries. We need to encourage immigrants, particularly from Spanish-speaking countries to learn English. But I agree with your statement that the reasons for the riots in France are complicated.


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