Why the Court System isn’t working

Jerry McClellan has a good point.

Our leaders in government and the courts in particular are not looking out for the well being of the citizens of this country at all.

Case in point just the other day I read that federal judge Alvin Hellerstein ordered the government to release more pictures of the Abu Ghraib abuse. In spite of the fact that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told this idiot judge during proceedings that the pictures would put our soldiers fighting over seas and maybe even right here in even more danger from terrorists! Not to mention, the chairman also mentioned that there is nothing new to be revealed in the photos anyway. Just more of the same that we’ve all seen before. Yet this judge ruled to release the picts under the guise that the American people have a right to know under the freedom of information act.

This even though it is of an absolute certainty that if such information is released violence against our troops and civilians will most certainly ensue as was evident from the Newsweek Quoran debacle. What is worse is that there has been no outcry from anyone in the white house nor the pentagon regarding such a bone-headed ruling.

He also refers the reader to an article by Mark Tapscott in which

A federal District Court Judge has ruled that the privacy rights of illegal aliens convicted of heinous crimes in this country are more important than the public’s right to know if the government is properly enforcing a key immigration law.

Just so I am clear, despite the fact that Americans might be killed or injured in Iraq or other Muslim countries as a result, the release of more Abu Ghraib photos of prisoners being humiliated is all right with the courts, but it isn’t all right with the courts to release documents which would indicate if the Government is enforcing the immigration law?

Jerry’s outrage is understandable.