The Invasion of the Bunnies

I know this is kind of an off-topic post for this blog, but here’s what happened. One day we had bunnies living with us. A brown bunny and a white bunny. I am not sure where they came from. One of our neighbors thinks another neighbor had them as pets for his kids, and they got loose. In any event, they are now living with us.

I don’t mean living with us in our house. They are living with us under our back deck. We can’t approach them or they run away. They are living there, and surviving quite well.

I see them eating our grass, and the leaves from some of our flowers, but I am a generous soul. We have lots of grass and lots of flowers.

I am curious however as to what kind of rabbits they are. They seem to have rather short ears. What kind of food do they eat? My question about whether we should get some rabbit food from the pet store was quickly shot down with a withering look from The Wife. Her point: if they can survive on their own, they can stay, but we aren’t going to adopt them as pets.

Being a good Republican, I can see the merit in that. Welfare will make them dependent. They will constantly be looking to the welfare provider (us) to provide handouts for them. On the other hand, if they can make their own living, and still want to live under our deck, they are welcome.

If anyone has any clue about these rabbits, please let me know, since they are now our tenants, so-to-speak.

One thought on “The Invasion of the Bunnies

  1. They do look like domesticated rabbits, though they must have been on their own for long enough to become skittish around people.I enjoyed your segue into the welfare analogy!Anna


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