The evil activities of the Zionist Entity

While the Palestinians have been blowing up the Rafah border crossing, smuggling heavy arms into Gaza, burning down buildings because they were once used as synagogues and destroying greenhouses that could substantially improve their economy, this is what the Zionist Entity has been doing:

1) Israeli technology safeguards your mobile phone
Just when you thought you had protected your PC to the hilt, a new threat has emerged on the horizon – an attack on your mobile phone or PDA.

Though virus, hacker, and Trojan horse attacks on mobile devices have been rare and limited in scope up to now, hitting only an estimated 70 million devices, Guy Salomon, the CEO of Discretix, an Israeli specialist in embedded security technology for mobile devices, predicts that by the end of 2006 or the start of 2007, virus and hacker attacks on mobile devices will become as prevalent as they now are on the PC.


Salomon believes that Netanya-based Discretix has the answer. The company has developed a security solution for mobile handsets called CryptoCell, which protects sensitive information against damage from malicious attack.

CryptoCell, which can be added to mobile devices at the chipset level, protects the processor of a mobile device by isolating it from other parts of the computer. This enables it to live in a separate environment, protected against external attack. The solution, which incorporates both hardware and software components, is transparent to the user.

Discretix also provides protected against content transmitted between phones through its product, CryptoFlash, a digital rights management (DRM) system. CryptoFlash encodes and decodes content being sent between phones in order to prevent it from being copied.

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2. Israeli-EU collaboration produces ‘green’ hydrogen fuel with solar energy

Hydrogen, the most plentiful element in the universe, has long been viewed as an attractive candidate for becoming the pollution-free fuel of the future.

However, nearly all hydrogen fuel used today is produced by means of expensive processes that require combustion of polluting fossil fuels. Moreover, storing and transporting hydrogen is extremely difficult and costly.

In a breakthrough that has dramatic implications for energy use worldwide, Israeli researchers have shown that hydrogen fuel can be produced with the help of sunlight – propelling the dream forward of using hydrogen as a ‘green’ fuel.

The innovative solar technology developed at Weizmann Institute of Science that may offer an environmentally sound solution to the production of hydrogen fuel, has been successfully tested on a large scale, and also promises to facilitate the storage and transportation of hydrogen.

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3. Going to the head of the class
Galit Bareket Danielli grew up in a family of 11 children with parents who emigrated from Libya in the 1950s. Like many young Israelis from a disadvantaged background, Galit struggled against social stereotyping that encouraged her to seek vocational training instead of preparing for university on the assumption that she would be unable to afford it.

“I was an excellent student,” she remembers, “but the principal and counselor advised me to go to a vocational school. They meant well – they wanted to ensure I had a profession – yet I couldn’t understand why my friend got a recommendation to an academic high school, while I did not.”


ISEF – the International Sephardic Education Foundation – was founded in 1977 by the late Edmond Safra, his wife Lily, and Nina Wiener, who still serves as the organization’s president. The not-for-profit organization’s mission is to reduce Israel’s social and economic gaps by enabling talented young students from underprivileged backgrounds to obtain a higher education.

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4. Israel’s easy rider – to the commuters’ rescue
Being close to campus is important – which is why college students search frantically for the limited number of apartments or dorm rooms within a short distance of their universities.

But Jerusalem student Elisha Wetherhorn, is actually delighted that he didn’t find a conveniently located place to live – otherwise the Rider, his invention designed to ease the plight of commuters like himself, might never have been born.

Now he’s hoping his urban tricycle will soon be a common sight in urban centers around the world, with interest already expressed from potential investors in Tel Aviv, India, London and the US, and Web sites from the UK to China and Russia taking an interest in his design.

Wetherhorn, a student at Hadassah College’s School for Industrial Design, likes to think of himself as a problem solver. “Industrial design is making a difference for a better life,” the 28-year-old resident of Moshav Elazar in the Gush Etzion bloc says. Indeed, that was the assignment for his final project – ‘find a problem and look for a solution as industrial designers.’

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The purpose of this post is not to thumb one’s nose at the Palestinians by pointing out the achievement of Israelis. The purpose is to point out to the Palestinians that they could really improve their conditions by cooperating with Israel rather than trying to see how many Israelis they can kill. Israel has a thriving technology and biotechnology industry. If Palestinians were by some miracle to give up the idea of killing Israelis on buses and in pizza parlors and instead decided to live peaceably with Israel, many Israeli companies would be very interested in hiring Palestinians. What ever they would earn at the initial level would be more than they are earning now…..and they would be learning skills that would be beneficial to their future.

Palestinians who were trained in Israel could go back to their land and start businesses there that would bring wealth and honor to their people. Why is that the Palestinians don’t realize that violence only destroys them, not their adversaries?

I know, some you will say that it isn’t all Palestinians, only a few radical groups like Hamas. Baloney! If that were the case and they didn’t want the jihadists to set their agenda for them, they would get rid of them.