Major crisis in Los Angeles today.

Matt Szabo writes about the crisis in L.A. today when there was a major power failure.

And among the unconfirmed* reports:

– Kayne West has blamed Bush for the power outage, pointing to South Los Angeles’ large African-American population.

– Michael Brown has released a detailed timeline of today’s events, which shows that he resigned more than an hour before the blackout, and thus, bears no responsibility for FEMA’s failure to immediately respond.

– Celebrities and network executives are planning a concert this evening to raise money for the blackout victims.

And we owe it all to a guy who cut the wrong wire. Yes, we are doing just fine here in L.A.

Large Portion of Los Angeles Loses Power [L.A. Times]

*unconfirmed = fabricated for your reading pleasure

Read the whole article. It is very funny.