British Muslims tell Blair forget Holocaust Day

From Israel Insider:

Recently appointed advisors to British Prime Minister Tony Blair recommended to the PM to cancel the U.K.’s National Holocaust Memorial Day and instead replace it with a more generic “Genocide Day,” which would be less offensive to Muslims, according to a report in The Sunday Times. The day would recognize the mass murders of Muslims in Chechnya, Palestine, and Bosnia.

Questions of the Day: Will England cave in to the demands of the British Muslims in order not to offend them? What about offending its Jews? Will Muslims start controlling the celebrations of holidays in the U.K.? Will the U.K. yield its sovereignty to Islam?

One thought on “British Muslims tell Blair forget Holocaust Day

  1. Hi Gary! I have a sneaking suspicion that, unlike France with its massive arab population, Britain is not going to be nearly so quick to let the Mohammedans tell them what to do. I think Britain after the subway bombings is sick of the PC solicitude for immigrants who won’t conform to Western standards of conduct.


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