The Birth of Democracy in Egypt

President Bush has said, on more than one occasion, that people want to be free. They yearn for freedom. They yearn to have a say in their government, they want Democracy. It is the natural desire of human beings to be free.

Egypt had a national election two days ago. The expected was the result. Hosny Mubarak was re-elected to the Presidency. There are reports all over the internet about both the apathy and the irregularities. Very few people came out to vote because they felt their vote wouldn’t matter, and there were apparently many documented election irregularities.

However, a small, but determined, movement has sprung up in Egypt. It is called, “Freedom Now.” You can read about it here. It is heartening to read the comments of Egyptians who are fed up with the phony democracy that currently exists in Egypt and want true democracy. These people want to be free. They want the right to elect their own leaders and their own representatives. It is so palpable you can feel it from their writings. It reminds me of the start of the Solidarity Movement in Poland.

These courageous activists are holding a freedom demonstration in Cairo on Saturday, September 10th. I wish them much success, and I pray for their safety.

Democracy will come to Egypt. You are watching its birth. Like all births, there will be some pain.

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