Jews To Destroy Synagogues

The Israeli Supreme Court has decided, in a 4-3 decision, to allow the Israeli Government to destroy the 22 synagogues in Gaza. That’s right, the Israeli Government.

According to Arutz Sheva:

The Supreme Court had been asked to decide between official government policy and the rulings of the Chief Rabbis. The government decided several weeks ago that following the expulsion of Jews from Gaza, all houses and synagogues would be razed, while 154 public structures would be spared. The latter includes community centers, schools, the regional council building, and even at least one swimming pool. However, for fear that the synagogues would be desecrated by the Arabs, it was decided that they must be destroyed beforehand.

Government spokesmen have also explained that they do not want Jews attempting to return to the buildings in the future.

The Chief Rabbinate, on the other hand, ruled unanimously that desecration at the hands of non-Jews is better than destruction at the hands of Jews. The rabbis stated that a Jewish body – whether the State or individuals – must have no hand in the destruction of a synagogue. The rabbis also added that Jewish communities around the world had warned that their own synagogues would be endangered if Israel razes its own.

Atty. Corinaldi summed up this point in his brief by writing, “The terrible precedent of destroying synagogues in an official manner by the Israeli government representing the Jewish and democratic state, and via the Israeli defensive army – would undoubtedly have grave ramifications for many synagogues around the world. On the other hand, even if they are destroyed by Arab vandals, let it be their sin – while the negative precedent of Jews carrying out the destruction will be avoided.”

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The Supreme Court decided to ignore the fact that Halakha (Jewish Law) forbids the destruction of synagogues by Jews. Besides, this is a bad precedent.

The argument given is that if we leave the synagogues, the Arabs will desecrate them. In my opinion, it is preferable to have the Palestinians desecrate the synagogues than to have Jews doing it. Further, if we left the synagogues in Gaza, and the Palestinians destroyed them, how would they be depicted in the world press?

I think this is one more significant mistake made by the Israeli government.