We need to dig deep

Many of us were generous and contributed to the devastation created by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean last December. The United States gave more than all other nations combined in that natural disaster. Now we have our own natural disaster.

I am going to quote Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters because he says it so well:

This time, we have a different set of circumstances. Instead of our distant cousins of the Indian Ocean, we now watch as our American brothers and sisters suffer through the destruction of perhaps the best-loved hometown in America, New Orleans. The devastation will go on for years. The entire community has disappeared under water — not just homes, but the businesses that employ the people who live there, the shops that fed and clothed them, the services that give Americans the high standard of living that we enjoy and take for granted.

They have nothing left. It goes beyond homelessness. It goes beyond unemployment. Our brothers and sisters have gone through the looking glass — and as Americans, we need to step up to bring them back.

Eventually we will rebuild New Orleans. Eventually the jobs, the shops, and the community will return. Right now, we need to extend the American community to the victims of Katrina.

I am urging each of my readers to contribute to Hurricane Relief Funds to help our fellow citizens in the Gulf Coast. It is time for us to rise to the occasion and to help our fellow Americans. There is no one else waiting to take on that responsibility. It is up to us.

I suggest giving to Feed the Children who will provide $7 worth of supplies for each $1 they receive.

For a complete list of organizations you can contribute to support the relief effort, go here.

As Hugh Hewitt says, “Please dig deep and give. Then give again. Then give until you really feel it.”