Further Insult to America’s Heritage at Ground Zero

According to an article in today’s New York Daily News, the International Freedom Center planned for the site, has been advised to downplay America in its exhibits and programs at ground zero.

A global network of human rights museums is urging the International Freedom Center to downplay America in its exhibits and programs at Ground Zero, the Daily News has learned.

The outrageous request is the latest controversy to torment the Freedom Center, whose leaders have tried to dispel the perception that it would be a home for America bashers.

“Don’t feature America first,” the IFC has been advised by the consortium of 14 “museums of conscience” that quietly has been consulting with the Freedom Center for the past two years over plans for the hallowed site. “Think internationally, where America is one of the many nations of the world.”

Those words rang hollow with some 9/11 family members.

“I can’t think of a greater insult than to invite museums from other countries of the world to come and exploit what should be America’s memorial,” said Jack Lynch, who helped carry the body of his firefighter son Michael, 30, out of the rubble.

“If you’re going to explore slavery, the Holocaust or women’s rights, you should do it at Chelsea Piers or on the East River waterfront – anywhere but Ground Zero,” said Debra Burlingame, whose brother Charles, 51, was the pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.

“After all, it was not slavery that caused the terrorists to attack us,” said Burlingame, who has led the fight to bar the IFC.

The International Freedom Center, whose goal is to present a history of “Freedom” across the ages does not belong at Ground Zero. Please go to Take Back the Memorial and sign the petition to keep the International Freedom Center off of Ground Zero. There are plenty of other places it can go in New York. Also, write to Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg telling them about your displeasure of this exhibit at Ground Zero.

Also, read, “Making a Mockery of Ground Zero” and “The Great Ground Zero Heist.” There are many other pertinent articles on the web site

As I have said in previous posts, any exhibit at Ground Zero should be about what happened there. It should be about the people who lost their lives there, and about the heroes of that event, the firefighters, police and ordinary citizens who performed extraordinary and selfless acts of courage.

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